Risk and Capital Management Services

Recent events have proved that an institution's financial risks can place the entire organisation in jeopardy. Other institutions have managed these risks effectively to build a competitive advantage. In an increasingly more sophisticated environment, regulators are promoting the use of risk-based approaches to capital management, strategic planning, and financial reporting.

Consequently, the spread of a deeper risk culture in a financial institution’s operations becomes a challenging objective for most managers. Meeting stakeholders’ expectations now implies being able to build sustainable growth in segments with the best risk/return profiles and to be able to identify and target these profiles in a timely manner.

If this is your situation

  • You want to know the full extent of your exposure to risks and the prospective impact of market volatility on these risks
  • You are wondering if your risk information system clearly captures all material risks on a timely and effective manner
  • You want to identify which customers are the most profitable from a risk/return point of view
  • You are committed to build risk awareness in all the levels of your organization
  • You are concerned that your capital planning process may not effectively support your business and its projected growth
  • You want to make sure that your risk policies and procedures comply with the latest regulations’ requirements

How PwC can help you
At PwC, we work with our clients to assess, benchmark and streamline risk management procedures, policies and systems in areas such as credit, operational and market risk, as well as capital management and ALM. Our services range from auditing existing arrangements to the design and implementation of new risk management infrastructures aligned with best practices. Recommending practical and scalable solutions that meet both regulators and our clients’ expectations is what makes the difference. We advise on state-of-the-art, tailored solutions towards risk identification, measurement, monitoring and mitigation with a commitment to share the latest industry trends and deliver high quality beyond expectations.

Our services include:
  • Review and/or benchmark of Risk Management / ALM framework
  • Assessment of readiness to Basel II requirements and waiver of application
  • Assistance in the design of an Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process
  • Risk mitigation including collateral management and risk transfer
  • Design and integration of Risk-Adjusted Performance Measurement solutions
  • Corporate Treasury solutions
  • Valuation services
  • Selection of risk software solutions
  • Independent assessment of risk embedded in transaction, litigation and portfolio
  • Change management including training, communication and buy-in management