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February 2012

Industry insights: Financial Services


Project Blue: Assessing the future trends for financial services

October 2011

Emerging Opportunities: Financial Services M&A in Asia 2011


Improving hedge fund infrastructure: from cost to benefit


FACTA webcast

September 2011

The EU Financial Transactions Tax Draft Directive and the Implications for the Global FS industry

June 2011

A fine balance - managing tax in a changing world


Demystifying Innovation: Take down the barriers to new growth

May 2011

10Minutes on doing deals in China


Eurasia Group global trends quarterly


FSTP Perspectives May 2011


Portfolio Advisory Group Review - Asia's outlook for non-core and non-performing loan portfolios


Sharing deal insight - European Financial Services M&A news and views

  Shifting the balance: From direct to indirect taxes
  Tax Policy Bulletin
April 2011 10Minutes on the CEO agenda
  Cure for the Common Culture: Building Effective Risk Cultures at Financial Institutions
  Financial Services Tax Bulletin: Withholding tax exemption for specific entities - Singapore
  Quants in the front office: Creating value with organizational design
  Special Edition: Dodd-Frank at the Sixth-Month Milestone, A Work in Process
  The China Greentech Report 2011
  Too Good to Fail: Defining the New Gold Standard for Risk Management in Financial Services
March 2011 Risky Business: Why Managing the Risks of Evolving Business Models Is the Key to Avoiding the Next Financial Crisis
  Technology Forecast 2011: Unleashing Enterprise Mobility
  The War for Talent
  The World in 2050
February 2011 PwC 14th Annual Global CEO Survey
  Protecting your brand in the cloud: Transparency and trust through enchanced reporting
  International Transfer Pricing 2011
  Hourglass issue 20: Enhancing value through people
  Current Developments for Directors 2011
  FSTP Perspectives January 2011
  Paying Taxes 2011: The Global Picture
  UK Economic Outlook: November 2010
2010 China News Flash: China Tax & Business Advisory, Aug 2010
  Distribution Post 2012
  European Financial Services M&A Insight
  Financial Services M&A in Asia
  Key trends in human capital a global perspective, 2010
  PKN Alert: China issues its first ever APA report
  Roadmap for an IPO: A guide to going public
  What Lies on the Horizon? New Players – New Rules – New Opportunities
2009 A new playing field: The outlook for M&A in Asia
  Doing business in the DIFC
  Financial Services M&A - Back to the 'domestic' future
  Global Economic Crime Survey 2009
  Global State of Information Security Survey 2010
  Mergers & Acquisitions - A snapshot
  Re-engineering the organisation
  The day after tomorrow
June 2013 2013 Global Private Banking & Wealth Management Survey
June 2012 Industry insights: Banking and capital markets
  Uncovering covered bonds
  The new digital tipping point
February 2012 Industry insights: Banking and capital markets
  Project Blue: Assessing the future trends for financial services
January 2012 Banking Banana Skins 2012
October 2011 How the EU VAT exemptions impact the banking sector
  PwC 2011 Global Private Banking and Wealth Management Survey
  Why banks must get their hiring strategy right
June 2011 Foreign Banks in China 2011
May 2011 Banking in 2050
  From Surviving to Thriving: Improving Revenues and Profits in the New Banking Environment
  Indonesian Banking Survey Report 2011
  Major Banks Analysis - Australia
  Straight away
April 2011 Banking Newsletter
  European Outlook for Non-Performing Loans - Debating Deleverage
  The Journal - Breaking the ice: Using transparency and accountability to thaw the securitisation markets
  Integrated finance and risk reporting: Is data the lifeblood of your business?
February 2011 Precious Plastic 2011
January 2011 The New Basel III Framework
  Banking Newsletter: A newsletter for the China banking community (Issue 5)
  Capital Management in banking: The way forward
2010 BCM Tax
  Capital Management in banking: The way forward
  Foreign Banks in China
  Transaction Banking Compass
2009 Chinese Bankers Survey 2009
  Global Private Banking/Wealth Management Survey 2009
  NPL Asia: Non-performing Loan Newsletter
  Stress testing: from stressful times to business as usual
  The future of banking
  The Journal: Looking after number one: Delivering the shareholder value from 'One' programmes
  Transaction Banking Compass: Understanding the corporate treasurer
January 2013 Compare and contrast: Worldwide Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) Regimes
Practical Guide to IFRS - Investment entities: Exception to consolidation
Practical Guide to IFRS - IFRS 10 for Asset Managers
Illustrative IFRS consolidated financial statements for 2012 year ends - Investment property
IFRS Illustrative financial statements - Investment funds 2012
A comparison of some of the main fund jurisdictions (Ireland, Luxembourg, Malta, Cayman, the UK, Singapore, France and the Channel Islands)
August 2012 A new landscape for Fund Management Companies
  Straight away: Enhanced Regulatory Regime for Fund Management Companies
May 2012 Engineering a path to profitable growth
March 2012 Distributing funds in Asia's growth market
February 2012 Emerging Trends in Real Estate® Asia Pacific 2012
October 2011 Asset Management Insights
  Continuing engagement remains crucial - PwC's AIFMD News series, Edition 9, Autumn 2011
  Understanding MiFID II: Driving change in the European securities markets
August 2011 Trading blocs: What next for the stock exchanges?
July 2011 Compare and contrast: Worldwide Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) Regimes
June 2011 Hedge Funds 2.0 'Infrastructure: from cost to benefit'
  Supporting the creation of value
May 2011 A Closer Look - Dodd-Frank Impact on Advisers to Private Equity Funds
April 2011 Asia Pacific Private Equity Tax
  Asset Management News - Strategies for a new growth cycle
March 2011 2011 Japan Asset Management Survey
  14th PwC Global CEO Survey 2011 - Asset Management supplement
  Emerging Trends in Real Estate: Europe (2011) - 8th edn
February 2011 Asia Pacific M&A Bulletin
January 2011 Asset management news
  Emerging Trends in Real Estate® Asia Pacific
  From black box to open book: Hedge fund trust and transparency, 2011
  Overhaul of lease accounting: Catalyst for change in corporate real estate, Nov 2010
  Taking stock: AIFMD News Edition 7
 2010 Similarities and differences - US GAAP, IFRS and Indonesian GAAP, 2010
  Taking stock: AIFMD News Edition 7
  The overhaul of IFRS lease accounting, July 2010
  Thoughts from the Boardroom: A frank discussion, Aug 2010
  Working guide for an investment company's audit committee
  Changing rules - The regulation, taxation and distribution of hedge funds around the globe
  Foreign fund management companies in China
  Shariah-compliant funds: A whole new world of investment
  Similarities and differences - A comparison of IFRS and local GAAP for investment funds
  The day after tomorrow for asset management
  Worldwide Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) Regimes