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PwC's Strategy in Action highlights what goes on in the heart of our Deals practice, focusing on M&A, infrastructure and distressed.

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Originally published in The Business Times, the Strategy in Action series feature industry insights from our Deals partners and shed light on the potential M&A and infrastructure growth opportunities in Asia. Read more about PwC Deals Advisory here.


Crafting a strategy for success

PwC is helping companies devise and executive practical strategies to grow their business in the region

When Richard Skinner first joined PwC in 2005 from a strategy consulting firm, it was with some trepidation.

There was a perception in the market that a Big Four firm like PwC would be more focused on their auditing and tax businesses, and it wasn’t clear that they were committed to strategy consulting.

Thankfully for Richard, who now heads PwC's strategy team in Singapore, that thinking has changed dramatically over the last decade as Strategy& - PwC’s strategy consulting arm - now offers strategy consulting services that are amongst the best in the market… [read more]

Asia’s infrastructure bonanza

Rising demand for infrastructure in Southeast Asia will offer opportunities for businesses in the region

Even as the slowdown in the global economy continues to weigh on countries in Asia, one bright spot on the horizon is the expected surge in demand for infrastructure development in the region. The region's rapid urbanisation will lead to many infrastructure challenges – road and rail networks, maritime and port infrastructure, power, waste management and clean water, and filing the technological gap in the developing ASEAN nations… [read more]

Navigating a frontier market 

There are plenty of opportunities for foreign investment in Myanmar as it opens up, but challenges await

After decades of economic isolation, the introduction of democratic and economic reforms by the previous U Thien Sen government from 2012 – 2015 ushered in a period of accelerated economic growth in Myanmar.  The peaceful handover of power to Daw Aung San Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy (NLD) following NLD’s landslide victory in the November 8 national election last year raised hopes that the country is finally on the path to political stability and sustained economic growth.  President Obama’s lifting of the remaining US sanctions last month removed the final major barrier keeping Myanmar from integrating with the global economy… [read more]

Growing a corporate finance powerhouse

Andrea Yuen has risen up the ranks of a male-dominated industry to lead PwC’s rapid ascent in the corporate finance market in Southeast Asia

After attending a meeting with a large Singapore-based company, Andrea Yuen recalls that a banker from New York who was there turned to her and said: “Wow Andrea, that may have been one of the few meetings in my career where I was the only male in the room!” Ms Yuen, the Corporate Finance Leader for PwC in Southeast Asia, recalled laughing at the comment. “That’s my world most days,” she says.

Corporate finance is a traditionally male dominated area. Based on various benchmarks, the ratio of senior male executives to female executives is roughly four to one and in some cases five to one.. [read more]

Getting the most out of an acquisition

Companies need to put in place a concrete and actionable plan to capture the full value of an M&A deal

What do elections and M&A have in common? They both involve making promises to clinch the deal, and living with the reality the morning after.

At the recently concluded US Presidential Elections, even before the celebratory champagne bubbles have fizzled out, President-elect Donald Trump may already be experiencing his OMG moments. It was reported that Trump seemed surprised by the scope of the presidential duties as explained to him by President Obama, and did not realise that he needs to hire over 4,000 people to run the administration... [read more]

Fair value on trial

In a litigation, having an experienced subject-matter expert by the side of your lawyers can often turn complex issues into trump cards

In the cut and thrust of courtroom duels, the grasp of complex issues and the command of information are often critical in putting across a convincing case. This is even more so in litigations that turn on technical valuation issues, where valuation experts play an important role in helping the courts understand the contesting viewpoints to arrive at the values of assets under dispute.

Lie Kok Keong, Valuation Leader at PwC Singapore and Council Member of the Institute of Valuers and Appraisers of Singapore, has over the past decade personally supported many litigation cases... [read more]

Bringing in the smart money

Private equity is booming in Southeast Asia as more companies seek professional help to create more value in their businesses

In the early 1990s, private equity (PE), in the form of leveraged buy-out firms then, were often demonised as ruthless corporate raiders who broke up businesses for profits. Movies like Barbarians at the Gate and Pretty Woman were based on, and perpetuated, this perception. When PE finally arrived in Southeast Asia a decade later, its offerings and reputation in the market had both evolved considerably.

There are three common misconceptions of PE. The first is that PE buys up companies only to break them up, retrench staff and sell off the valuable parts. The second is that PE only creates value through financial engineering by gearing up the business to dangerous levels... [read more]

Banking a deal

The successful execution of M&A deals in the financial services sector will result in a win-win situation for both bidder and vendors

A changing competitive landscape due to more stringent regulations, technological disruptions and the shifting of wealth to Asia is forcing financial institutions in the region to scale up or divest business segments through mergers and acquisitions (M&As).

“Financial institutions are also more open to collaborating with others including non-financial institutions to leverage each other’s comparative ad- vantage, particularly to achieve geographical coverage or to gain access to non-traditional customers,” says Sam Kok Weng, Financial Services Deals Leader, PwC Singapore. [read more]

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