Global Compliance Services

In today’s evolving regulatory environment, global compliance management has become an increasingly complex and risky area. Operating in numerous countries requires coordination of subsidiaries with diverse accounting practices, legislative environments and local business customs.

Our GCS network, part of our broader Tax Management & Accounting Services (TMAS) practice, comprises a network of local country compliance service teams, supported by proven process, technology and effective central coordination. Our GCS network offers coordinated compliance services spanning:

  • Direct tax compliance
  • Indirect tax compliance
  • Tax accounting and reporting

Each of these services is overseen by central/regional Client Relationship Managers. Our services are also underpinned by our Encompass technology, helping us coordinate worldwide activities and giving you online oversight and access to the information you need.


Our GCS network provides you with:

  • Improved control and visibility of your global/regional compliance operations
  • Quality, cost effective local country services, meeting both local country and global needs
  • The information required at HQ, online, in consistent format, to a pre-agreed timetable
  • Low coordination costs, with HQ time freed for value-adding activity
  • Managed transition using standardised processes and tools, with central support. Smooth and seamless transition process in place
  • Continuous process improvement, leveraging our ongoing investment in compliance and data gathering process and technology