Looking beyond simple savings

Modern, high-performing procurement functions do more than generate immediate cost savings. They are tightly integrated with the business units they serve and offer a comprehensive suite of services to impact the top and bottom line as well as add strategic value to the business. These include, for example:

  • utilising sophisticated procurement tools (e.g. total cost of ownership modelling, best of best benchmarking) to identify opportunities for value creation;
  • partnering with suppliers to drive innovation and being part of product development; and,
  • reducing exposure to risk through supplier quality management.

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Issue and challenges

  • Is procurement working effectively with the business units to support the company’s strategy?
  • Can we report on spending by category (materials, technology, services) in an accurate and timely manner?
  • Do we have a 12 month plan to reduce our addressable operational expenditure significantly?
  • Do we manage our third party suppliers strategically and do we measure the value they add to our business?
  • Do we negotiate effectively with our suppliers with a focus on value?
  • Do we have different buying regimes for everyday items and specialised, cross functional equipment?
  • Does Procurement have a seat at the table for important investment and design conversations?
  • Do we have a business risk recovery strategy in place to ensure business continuity?

How we can help

PwC offers innovative solutions to organisations, whether they are seeking to transform their entire procurement operation or address specific needs. Our approach helps you to accelerate sourcing and supply management initiatives to realise greater savings and improved supplier relationships, whilst building your infrastructure and capability to ensure that the savings and benefits are sustainable in the long term. read more ...