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Dominic Nixon, Partner and Asia Pacific Financial Services Leader

"I am a member of PwC's Global Financial Services Leadership Team with responsibility for our services the Financial Services Industry in Asia. I am based in Singapore."

What this position demonstates to all is the importance that PwC attaches to the Financial Services Industry in Asia and the how vital Singapore as a place to service our major multinational clients.

My own personal journey within PwC has taken me from London, to New York, Sydney and now Singapore. I joined PwC London where I have worked on the audits of a number of leading UK banking clients. I also spent time on secondments to New York and Sydney to work with clients there as a senior manager. By the time I have relocated to Singapore, my role has broadened considerably to working on an even broader range of local and regional financial services clients across not just on audit, but also on transaction, regulatory, internal audit and investigation assignments. One of the most interesting assignments was my role as a judicial manger following the collapse of Barings.

My current role as a member of the Global Financial Services Leadership Team and Asia Pacific Financial Services Leader allows me the opportunity to work and share my experiences with clients across the region and globally. And the exciting aspects about a place like Singapore, is that the job is never just only about Singapore but the wider regional and global markets. My role requires me to travel extensively across the globe, and in particular Europe and the US. However, because our clients based here in Asia are also interested to know about developments worldwide and it is in our interest to bring back those experiences that we have gained through our network, globally, and share them with our clients in Singapore and the region. One of the great benefits of working with the firm is the variety of work we are exposed to, and depth of clients. The opportunities the firm has given me have continued to motivate me throughout my career.


Karen Loon, Partner

"My career would have headed a different course if I'd not taken the two-year transfer to PwC Singapore from PwC Sydney."

What led to this move were two key influences - my one week training in The Netherlands after completing a professional exam had opened my eyes to the exciting possibility of working outside of Australia; the other was my growing conviction at that time of Singapore as the most ideal destination with its booming "tiger" economy.

I was not disappointed.

I am based in Singapore for 20 years now, including a 2 year secondment back to Australia. Looking back, I think the reason why PwC Singapore had been such a compelling choice was the amazing range of opportunities that I had in the financial services industry practice here. I was given the chance to audit diverse local and regional MNCs banking clients. I liaise and work closely with teams in the US, the UK and in Europe as well as around the Asian region.

With exciting mega deals involving leadings clients across the region, being part of the financial services practice has made it possible for me to work with excellent organisations within this industry. I've travelled to and met colleagues and friends in nearly every fascinating country in Asia, and travelled to Europe and the US as a result of my career here. It has opened my horizons and I can see my fellow colleagues also benefitting from the culture and opportunities that I've been fortunate enough to have and am still enjoying.


Yeow Chee Keong, Partner

"Most people think that being an accounting professional in PwC is all about the audit."

How wrong can they be!

While extremely important, audit is one slice of what we do well in PwC. My career with the Singapore firm is testimony to the way our work can be broadened to cover both the audit and advisory space. Being a part of the financial services practice, our teams embed ourselves within the industry to understand more holistically our client’s story, concerns and challenges and work closely with them to bring solutions to bear.

Looking back to 16 years ago as that younger man with an ambition to see the world through work in PwC, I will always be thankful for the journey that included invaluable opportunities to work and live in major cities like Melbourne, New York, Beijing and Shanghai. But more than that, the cross border assignments undertaken during the intense years of the financial crises in 1997 and 2008 catapulted my appreciation of the larger issues within the financial services industry. I recalled working closely with our clients in Thailand, Indonesia, Japan and China as well as the local PwC teams in those countries.

Now, as a young Partner, I know that I can rely on a team who has, like me, gone through similar variations of the rigorous training and exposure that I had. Like me, they too have ample opportunities for overseas secondment programmes and work assignments to grow within the financial services practice. I know we have been successful on this front as colleagues who had joined mid-way in their careers had shared that they truly enjoyed the kind of culture and teams that our firm has taken care to cultivate. The positive experiences and relationships have contributed to a balanced career path, and in my case, memories of being in Sydney and Beijing during the Olympics.

Today, I am still working on challenging regional projects. I am also working with my team to maximise their potential with the firm through on the job coaching, industry specialisation training and overseas secondment. Its some distance from 16 years ago and I take pleasure to know there's more good things to look forward to ahead.


Chris Matten, Partner

"Working for PwC requires a flexible approach to life and a willingness to go wherever the work takes you."

Fortunately, that has been the story of my life!

I was brought up in various countries and then when I qualified as an accountant in the UK I joined PW (as it then was) and then moved to Japan. After a year of mainly working on secondment at UBS, I joined the bank and then spent the next 18 years in various roles in banking. I worked for UBS and then Swiss Bank Corp in Japan, and then moved to Switzerland with SBC, making my way up to the Group Financial Controller role. I then spent some time in Australia managing the global balance sheet for National Australia Bank and later moved to Singapore as the Chief Financial Officer of OCBC.

If that sounds rich and varied, my time at PwC has been no different. I re-joined the firm in 2003 and am a partner specialising in risk and capital management. But there has been more to the role than just that. In common with my fellow partners, I have had to frequently re-adjust my focus to adapt to the trends in the industry and needs of our clients. I have been involved in due diligence engagements on banks around the Asia region, and in my consulting role I have been all over the world, with projects in countries as diverse as Australia, South Africa, Japan, Pakistan, China…to name just a few.

A lot of the time we have to react – and quickly – to problems which arise in the industry. I like to joke that if Warren Buffett was right and derivatives really are weapons of mass financial destruction, I run the bomb squad! We are sometimes brought in early and can defuse the bomb before it goes off, but occasionally we have to come in after the event and clean up the fall-out. All of this means we have to be flexible and able to assist our clients with whatever they need, often at very short notice. My life with PwC continues to be exciting and rich in variety, and long may it stay that way!


Jennifer Pattwell, Partner

"Little did I know when I joined PwC Singapore almost three years ago, how interesting, varied and unpredictable the life of a PwC consultant could be."

Having previously experienced life as a banker, which took me from London to Dubai and then to New York, I decided a change to consulting along with a move to Singapore would provide a number of avenues for my own development. I'm also able to apply my knowledge of the banking industry to my work whilst gaining insight into life in Asia. I was forewarned that the life of a consultant may not suit everyone. I, thankfully, took to it like a duck to water.

Although my focus is primarily in the field of Risk and Capital Management in the Financial Services industry, I have been given the opportunity to develop my knowledge and competence in other areas including Post-Merger Integration work, Enterprise Risk Management, and Project Management. I am also involved in training programmes as well as internal regional and strategic initiatives.

Having spent a number of years in banking, I feel comfortable in putting myself in the shoes of our clients as I can associate with their concerns and requirements. I feel a huge sense of pride and achievement when I am able to help our clients achieve their goals. It is always very rewarding to forge ever-strengthening relationships with them. It is this sense of achievement and the flexibility to develop myself as a professional through the many work opportunities that come my way, that keeps me enthused about working at PwC in the years to come.