Frequently asked questions

You're likely to have a few questions that you may not yet have found the answer to.  Here are some of the questions we get asked most frequently.

Applicant eligibility

1. Am I still eligible to apply for this Scholarship if I am currently a recipient of a bond-free Scholarship awarded by my university?
  No - unfortunately you are not eligible for the Scholarship. We do not allow dual-Scholarship holder status. The rationale is to allow more students to benefit from Scholarship schemes.
2. Is there a minimum CGPA that I would need to possess before I can apply for thisScholarship?
3. Will students without any CCAs be eligible for this Scholarship as well?
  While you are still eligible to apply, participation in CCAs is an important criterion as we are looking for applicants who are both academically strong and also active in CCA.
4. How much emphasis is placed on academic results as compared to other non-academic factors?
  While grades are important, it is not the only criteria. We will also consider other outstanding characteristics such as leadership qualities or strong interpersonal and communication skills, which could make you a suitable Scholarship candidate.
5. Is this Scholarship open only to local students?
  Yes, and in particular, it is only open to local Accountancy students in their first year of university. We welcome you to apply as long as you have received the invitation from your careers office (which you will receive if you are on the mailing list for first year accounting students).

Referees & supporting documents

1. Are there any requirements for a person to qualify as a personal referee?
  An effective referee would be someone who is aware of your field of interest and able to discuss your personal characteristics. He/she should also be able to discuss your capacity to work, level of professionalism, leadership and academic skills.
2. Is there a limitation regarding how many years the referee must know me for?
  Technically no. However, if your referee knows you for less than 1 year, it is probably going to be difficult for him/her to provide an accurate assessment of your background.
3. Is a direct family member allowed to be my personal referee?
  While they can be your Scholarship Contract Surety, a personal referee is ideally not a direct family member. Instead, it should be someone like your university professor or an ex-supervisor from your previous employer.
4. Do I stand a higher chance if I find a referee who works in a CPA firm?
  No, there is no correlation or relevance.
5. Is it possible to attach external documents (i.e. testimonials) to supplement my application?
  Yes – you can include testimonials to support your application.

Students exchange program

1. Can I apply for a student exchange program after I have been awarded the PwC Scholarship?
  Yes – in fact, we encourage our Scholars to go on student exchange programs to enrich their academic pursuit.
2. Does the Scholarship cover tuition fees if we plan to do an overseas exchange for a semester's duration,keeping in mind that tuition fees would be the same as what we're paying locally?
  The quantum for the scholarship is the tuition fee of your local university education plus an allowance. This remains the same regardless of whether you go on an exchange program.

Selection process

1. What does the selection process involve?
  After we have reviewed all of our Scholarship applications, shortlisted applicants will be invited to complete an online psychometric test. Following this, selected candidates will be invited to an Assessment Centre where they will take part in a written test and a case study. Finally, based on your performance in the assessment, selected candidates will attend a final interview with partners from the respective departments. Successful candidates will then be offered the Scholarship.
2. How many Scholars does PwC take in each year?
  This depends on the caliber of candidates. This year, we're aiming to offer up to 3 scholarships.
3. Is it possible to sit through a phone interview if I am unable to arrive in Singapore for the interview process?
  This depends on the individual circumstances and constraints. You will need to inform us in advance if you are unable to physically attend the interview. The Assessment Centre is a critical part of the selection process; candidates will need to be physically present for this.
4. When will I know if I have been selected?
  Shortlisted candidates will be notified within 2 weeks of the application closing date.

Qualities of scholars

1. What qualities should a PwC Scholar possess?
  We are interested in applicants who are keen to pursue a career in the profession and exhibit the necessary drive, interpersonal and communication skills. We look for passionate and dynamic individuals who want to be at the forefront of the professional services industry. If you are invigorated by the challenges of a fast-paced career, possess the drive for success and have the ambition to develop your capabilities to the fullest potential, then we would love to receive your application!

Scholarship coverage

1. What is the cash value of the Scholarship?
  You will receive tuition fees reimbursement and S$2,000 per academic year.
2. What can I expect after graduation?

You will spend your internship with the Assurance practice building up a solid foundation of accounting standards and Tax practice to diversify your exposure. Thereafter, you will decide on the practice that meets your career aspirations after discussing with your mentors.

You will also be assigned a Career Coach who will provide valuable guidance to develop you to your fullest potential and ensure that you continue to stay on the fast track.

There is also ample opportunity for you to embark on an overseas secondment with our PwC global offices, where you can expand your portfolio across regions and experience life in a foreign culture. This strengthens your capabilities and diversifies your skill set.

With PwC, we guarantee that you will always stay ahead of the pack. Be it our unparalleled access to the numerous learning and development programs, our supportive coaching culture, or our commitment to your professional aspirations, you can be assured that you will have a fulfilling, challenging and exciting career with us.

Scholarship obligations

1. Upon receiving the Scholarship, am I required to achieve a particular grade throughout my studies in order to maintain the Scholarship?
  No – however we do expect our Scholars to achieve above average academic results throughout their studies until graduation.
2. Is it possible to commit to the Scholarship only after going through the internships?
  Unfortunately not. It is a commitment awarded right at the beginning of Year 1/2 before any internship arrangements take place.
3. What are my financial obligations if I break my bond?
  All liquidated damages need to be paid inclusive of compounded interest to PwC. The specific details will be stated in the Scholarship contract.

Line of service

1. Can I choose to switch my line of service after graduation?
  Scholars will undertake internships with General Assurance and Tax as part of the program. This provides ample opportunity for them to assess and make an informed decision of which line of service suits them. After completing internships with both lines of service, Scholars will select the specialisation of their choice.
2. Where can I obtain the relevant information regarding assurance and tax?
  You can refer to the online resources available on our website. As a Scholar, you are also given at least two internship opportunities with our firm to help you assimilate into these two lines of service.

Extension of studies

1. I am planning to do a Master's degree after my Bachelor's degree. Am I eligible for the Scholarship? In addition, would it be possible for PwC to sponsor my Master's degree?
  Our Scholarship covers only the completion of your undergraduate degree. However, we may choose to sponsor you up to the Master's degree. This will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. You will need to inform your mentor in advance so that we can make the necessary arrangements.


1. Is it compulsory for Scholars to intern with PwC during vacation?
  Yes - as part of their career planning, Scholars will be given the opportunity for at least 2 internships with the firm. You may also have the opportunity to gain valuable overseas experience in one of our global PwC offices.
2. Would I be able to experience both Assurance and Tax lines of service during my internships with PwC?
  Yes, as part of our Scholarship program, Scholars will be given internship opportunities with both Assurance & Tax.

Professional development

1. After joining PwC, will there be workshops available to allow me to keep up with changes and to be better equipped for my career?
  PwC runs periodic in-house courses for all their professional staff to help them meet the performance standards of their grade as well as to prepare them to assume the responsibilities of the subsequent higher grade. This will enable them to meet the increasing challenges in their profession and remain technically relevant.