Thought Leadership - Singapore Budget 2012

18 Febuary 2012

Government could do more to drive productivity

Singapore's productivity is a pressing issue that needs to be analysed with honesty. With the aim of achieving productivity growth of 2 to 3 per cent a year, new ideas and methods must be explored.
By David Sandison, Tax Partner and Anson Lim, Tax Manager at PwC Services LLP


17 Febuary 2012

These investments in healthcare will pay off

Four ways to better care for the elderly, more high-end jobs for Singaporeans, new economic opportunities
By R Raghunathan, Advisory Partner and Murali Gangadharan, Advisory Director in PwC LLP


16 Febuary 2012

Singapore Inc in the war for talent

How the Republic can take advantage of the window of global volatility to upgrade its talent pool, particularly for 12 key sectors
By Thorsten Barth, Director and Abu Amin, Senior Manager in the HR Consulting practice at PwC LLP


15 Febuary 2012

A tax perspective on Basel III

Dialogue between tax authorities and banks will benefit both parties by reducing uncertainty, risk, and non-compliance
By Chris Matten, Financial Services Partner at PwC LLP, and Carrie Lim, Tax Director at PwC Services LLP


14 Febuary 2012

A tale of two cities: great expectations in hard times

Hong Kong unveiled its Budget first, while Singapore will do the same this Friday. Did the proposals put forth by the Hong Kong financial secretary pose fresh challenges for Singapore in an increasingly competitive economic landscape, and are there lessons we can learn from our neighbours in the north?
By Paul Lau, Tax Partner, PwC Services LLP

Staying ahead in tax competition

Simplifying PIC rules would help Singapore achieve the true objective of the policy
By David Sandison, Tax Partner and Lim Kexin, Tax Manager, PwC Services LLP


8 Febuary 2012

Keeping the insurance hub edge

With rising competition in the region, S'pore needs to tweak incentive schemes to remain attractive to the industry
By Yip Yoke Har, Tax Partner and Goh Chiew Mei, Senior Tax Manager, PwC Services LLP


6 Febuary 2012

Get to the social root of the problem

How the Finance Minister can influence couples' decision to have more babies
By James Clemence and Margaret Duong, Tax Partners, PwC International Assignment Services (Singapore) Pte Ltd


2 Febuary 2012

Boosters for S'pore's R&D nursery

A fiscal regime with fewer restrictions and a supportive financial environment would encourage higher investment
By Abhijit Ghosh, Tax Partner and Anson Lim,  Tax Manager, PwC Services LLP


26 January 2012

Growing private equity in Singapore

Enhancements to current tax incentive schemes will enhance nation's appeal as a platform into the region
By Anuj Kagalwala, Corporate Tax Partner, and Tan Hui Cheng, Senior Manager, PwC Services LLP


18 January 2012

The taxing problem of capital gains

Gains that are seen to be revenue or income in nature are taxable, and the taxpayer must prove the nature of his gains
By Chris Woo, Head of the Mergers and Acquisitions Tax Practice and Lim Hwee Seng, Senior Tax Manager, PwC Services LLP


6 January 2012

Secrecy in private banking under Western siege

If exchange of information pacts are bad, America's Fatca will prove to be quite killing
By David Sandison, Tax Partner and Leng Harn Szuan, Tax Manager, PwC Services LLP


3 January 2012

Helping firms continue to hire S’poreans

Here's a wishlist of fiscal measures that could be introduced in the forthcoming Budget
By Abhijit Ghosh, Tax Partner, PwC Services LLP