Evidence Act

How will your digital data and documents hold up in court?

The primary source of the law of evidence in Singapore is the Evidence Act (Cap 97) ('the Act'). The Evidence Act, which provides the framework of rules for the types of evidence that can be admitted as evidence during court proceedings, defines “electronic records” as a record generated, communicated, received or stored by electronic, magnetic, optical or other means in an information system or transmitted from one information system to another. Many business and financial records are now electronic or are being converted from hardcopies to digital records. Organisations may need to consider if such electronic records can be used in Singapore courts.

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PwC is a Certifying Authority appointed by the Ministry of Law. As a Certifying Authority, PwC can certify that an electronic record keeping system is an “approved process” for the purposes of the presumption in Section 116A(6) of the Act. We have extensive experience in helping organisations from various industries to prepare for and obtain Evidence Act certifications. We are well-equipped to guide you through this journey and share with you the common pitfalls to avoid.

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