Lessons learnt from others

An analysis of the successes and pitfalls of established fund centres

Following the executive summary and previous chapter on our Asset Manager survey, in this chapter we summarise findings of a jurisdictional benchmarking study on how Singapore fares vis-à-vis other established international fund centres, and what Singapore needs to take into account when creating its own future-proof investment fund framework. The analysis will help us learn from the “successes” and the “pitfalls” of other investment centres. The pitfalls should be carefully evaluated, as a correction of them would give Singapore a competitive advantage in the form of the implementation of a robust investment fund law framework.

The established investment fund centres analysed are those who have reached a level of success relatively quickly, and have also stayed ahead of the curve by periodically updating their laws and regulations to keep up with the demands and changes in the industry.


The Singapore Fund - Making it a preferred option

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