Asia-Pacific Pharmaceutical Newsletter - Archive


April 2011 

In this issue, we present two special reports. 

The first is on Saratoga, PwC’s human capital measurement and benchmarking arm, which recently set up an Asia-Pac dedicated centre in Singapore. This initiative has started to benchmark Asia-Pac companies and build the database to complement the existing, extensive database available from US and EU based companies. 

The second special report is to inform you on the 2011 Indian budget for the Pharma sector. This issue also provides updates on Taiwan and China which signed a new drug development pact and agreed on mutual recognition based on compliance with international guidelines. You can read more details on this in the compliance section.



December 2010 - News and analysis for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, diagnostic and healthcare companies

In this issue, we present two special reports. The first introduces a PwC report on the Australian pharmaceutical industry. “Issues and opportunities in a time of change” looks at how the industryis seeing significant and accelerating change, and how companies will need to respond effectively in order to thrive in a radically changing and more intensively regulated market. Our second special report takes a look at how the Singapore government is making important efforts to attract the life sciences industry with a S$3.7 billion investment in the Biomedical Sciences Research and Development for 2011–2015. This issue also provides country updates on what's happening on the compliance, pricing and reimbursement, regulatory, M&A and tax fronts for the industry.


June 2010

The third issue of our Asian pharmaceutical industry newsletter includes a special report providing an overview of the schemes and initiatives taken in Singapore to encourage the medical device companies to use Singapore as a platform to grow and develop new solutions that can address the unmet healthcare needs of fast-growing Asian markets. We would also like to highlight our new thought leadership on the Indian pharmaceutical market: “Global Pharma looks to India:Prospects for growth”. The summary of this report is included in the newsletter, where you also find a link to download the full report. We also share, in this issue, our observations in a number of territories where there are new and/or changed tax regulations that can impact your business and provide you with our insights on these changes.



March 2010

This second issue of our Asian pharmaceutical industry newsletter provides an overview of the pharma mergers and acquisitions activity in Asia during 2009. There was a notable increase in M&A activity in the latter part of 2009, gradually coming back to pre-financial crisis level. Although it is still early in 2010, we are already beginning to see increased appetite in the market.

We like to draw your attention to the speech on Compliance given by the Department of Justice in the US and the fact that multiple investigations are focusing on the business practices in pharmaceutical, medical devices and life sciences companies in Asia and the expectations the US regulator has with respect to compliance with the FCPA.

As in our previous newsletter we also highlight pricing & reimbursement, regulatory and tax news from the different territories.

November 2009

The PricewaterhouseCoopers Pharma & Life Sciences experts in the Asia region are pleased to present the first issue of the Asia Pharma newsletter. This newsletter aims to bring you highlights on pharma and healthcare related topics in the region. The territories involved include Australia, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

Our Pharma & Life Science experts in each of these territories will report on a quarterly basis the trends in the Pharma and Healthcare sector, including new regulations, pricing and reimbursement issues, tax and accounting topics, news on compliance and mergers and acquisitions.

In this first issue we also highlight the National Preventative Health Strategy, launched by The Australian Government in September 2009.