Asia-Pacific M&A Bulletin

The Asia-Pacific M&A Bulletin, prepared by PricewaterhouseCoopers, is a useful reference (for current and potential investors targeting Asia-Pacific) which provides a comprehensive review and analysis of the trends in the mergers and acquisitions arena.

Year-end 2010: A tale of two recoveries

As the world economy recovers, what is becoming clear is that developed Western economies and developing economies are on two markedly different trajectories. While the US and Europe struggle to cope with a slow and jobless recovery, the developing economies have powered ahead with high single and even double-digit growth.  It is therefore no surprise that M&A activities have shifted in favour of the developing economies. Does the stellar second half performance in 2010 confirm expectations of an M&A comeback in 2011? Will the few dark clouds lingering on the Western horizon or the emerging Asian asset bubbles derail the fragile recovery?

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