Risk Management

So you can sleep better at night

Your Challenges

Running a business successfully in today’s environment is increasingly challenging. As businesses expand and globalise, there are added challenges in dealing with people of different business cultures and backgrounds, varying regulatory frameworks and competitive environments. There are constant demands for senior management’s time which is proving to be scarce. There are always fires to put out and management may get overwhelmed with day-to-day operational issues and may get distracted from strategic ones.

Knowing what to do when things actually go wrong is just as important as preventing and detecting any wrongdoing, whether by mistake or intent. It is therefore important that the organisation understands its risks, be it strategic or process-related, have a sound control environment and robust internal controls, and be alert to what needs to be done when a fraud occurs or when a dispute arises. Proactive organisations need to be able to seize control of such situations and react when a disaster erupts. How one deals with a crisis is critical in turning it into an opportunity.

There are widely differing motivations for managing risks and many levels of sophistication for its application.

Meeting Your Needs

We have a team of business solutions professionals who can help you manage your risks better, be it before or after a crisis situation has occurred, including:

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC): Provide best practices in corporate governance, risk management and internal controls

Internal Audit: Evaluate existing internal controls and improve their effectiveness and efficiencies

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM): Develop or improve the way you identify, assess, respond, control and monitor risks

SOX Compliance: Assist in SOX compliance efforts such as project management, scoping, documentation, validation, remediation and training

Fraud Risk Management: Identify and prevent opportunities for fraud, and assess existing management style and control effectiveness

Technology Challenges: Leverage technology by conducting security assessment, and recommending threat and vulnerability management solutions

Forensic Services: Conduct corporate investigations

Litigation Support: Analyse liabilities and damages in litigation or arbitration situations, offer expertise on claims preparation/rebuttal and act as expert witness

Insurance Advisory: Advise on loss management planning and quantification, and negotiation and settlement of insurance claims

Licensing Management: Develop comprehensive licensing management programmes to review licensing revenues, and ensure accurate reporting and royalty compliance