Achieving Public Listing & Beyond

Taking your company public

Your Challenges

You have worked long and hard to grow your company from the early days of a small enterprise. It is now ready for the next phase of growth. The subsequent move towards more ambitious goals makes the prospect of going public an exciting one.

Whether it is an IPO in Singapore or overseas, the multitude of factors to be considered can be overwhelming. You will need expert advice to guide you through the range of options available to achieve your company’s expansionary plans and bring you to greater heights.

The key advantages of a public listing include:

  • Enhancing your company’s corporate image and marketability
  • Establishing a foundation for your company to raise additional capital in the future, either through a further issue of shares or other financial instruments
  • Providing the opportunity to use your shares as a currency in a merger or an acquisition
  • Achieving a much higher degree of liquidity for your investment in the company
While a public listing provides numerous advantages, it does come with greater responsibilities. You will need to comply with regulatory requirements and practise good corporate governance while continuing to engage the minority investors and the public to meet market demands. Post-listing, some of the issues and challenges include:
  • Leveraging on listed status to grow the company
  • Raising additional funds/capital
  • Communicating with regulators and the investment community
  • Practising good corporate governance

Meeting Your Needs

  • Develop optimum growth strategy and efficient corporate and financial structure
  • Introduce strategic pre-IPO investor(s) as appropriate
  • Identify and recommend other professional parties or underwriters

  • Lead manage the IPO process
  • Prepare listing and capitalisation strategy
  • Advise on IPO strategy
  • Review prospectus and New Listing Application
  • Manage application, registration and offering process
  • Address queries from relevant authorities
  • Manage the introduction onto the SGX

  • Monitor the achievement of objectives highlighted in the prospectus
  • Advise on future growth and direction
  • Advise on further fund-raising strategy
  • Assist on future M&A opportunities to achieve growth objectives
  • Advise on any ongoing regulatory compliance matters

Our Experience

Some of our select and recent experiences as Issue Manager, Financial Advisor and Independent Financial Advisor include:

Issue Manager (IPO)
  • China Paper Holdings Limited
  • Fung Choi Media Group Limited (formerly known as Fung Choi Printing & Packaging Group Limited)
  • Meghmani Organics Limited (first Indian company to be listed on the SGX)
  • Hoe Leong Corporation Limited
Financial Advisor
  • NutriaAsia Pacific Limited: Mandatory conditional cash offer to acquire all issued and fully paidup capital of Del Monte Pacific Limited
  • Asia Pacific Breweries Limited: Shareholders’ approval for various transactions and for a new shareholder mandate
  • Advanced Systems Automation Limited: Manager for the rights issue
  • Fung Choi Media Group Limited: Acquisition of 1 00% stake in Flying Media Group Limited
  • Meiban Group Limited: Acquisition of remaining stakes in its three subsidiaries
  • TT International Limited: Acquisition of the furniture business of Novena Holdings Limited
  • TT International Limited: Reverse takeover of International Capital Investment Ltd by TT International Limited via the injection of the AKIRA assets and business undertakings
Independent Financial Advisor
IFA in relation to:
  • Ascendas Real Estate Investment Trust’s proposed acquisitions of seven properties from interested persons
  • Jurong Engineering Limited’s proposed sale of its engineering and construction business to Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Co., Ltd
  • Sunningdale Precision Industries Limited’s merger with Tech Group Asia Ltd by way of a scheme of arrangement
  • FerroChina Limited’s proposed acquisition of Changshu Xinghai Advanced Building Material Co., Ltd and Changshu Xingyu Advanced Building Co., Ltd from interested persons
  • C.K.Tang Limited’s voluntary unconditional cash offer by Kerith Holdings Pte Ltd to acquire the shares in the capital of C.K.Tang Limited