Making your business run better

Your Challenges

With the pace of change continually increasing, nothing seems to stay still. Your strategy, structure, processes, people and even technology, are continuously being refined as you battle to outperform competitors.

In a recent global survey of 1,400 CEOs, the message was very clear that change pervades everything they are doing and it invariably results in increasing levels of business complexity. Your challenge is simple yet almost impossible – identify value-destroying complexity and eradicate it, nurture value-enhancing processes and focus on making your business run better. But how do you do this, who can you trust when every vendor has a product to sell you and how can they be truly independent in expressing their views?

Globally, our research shows CEOs are explicitly concerned with key issues such as:

  • Improving business performance
  • Getting value from their finance function
  • Shared services and outsourcing
  • Improving corporate performance management (CPM)
  • Managing their people especially during periods of change
  • Maximising value from technology
All the CEOs we talk to say they need help to address these complex issues.

Meeting Your Needs

PwC has a dedicated team of industry specialists who can help you run your business better and develop a roadmap for improving business performance. Often, this is critical in the post-deal situation when companies seek to realise the synergies of an acquisition. Our consultants help you to assess the effectiveness of your strategy implementation by looking at all relevant dimensions using The Guide (see chart below) to ensure they are properly addressed and, when needed, help you close the gap between vision and reality.

Sustaining value from finance can be challenging. Our unique finance diagnostic and cost reduction methodology allows you to see where waste is being incurred. We can also help your business review sourcing options, particularly in the areas of outsourcing and shared services. With the growing requirements for good corporate governance, businesses now need to develop leading-edge CPM systems to support world-class decision-making. This is a new and expanding part of our practice that is in strong demand globally.

It is a well-known fact that eight out of ten projects never fully achieve their planned benefits. We help you in your management of people and change through our expert knowledge and core change management methodology. Our consultants can also assist you to develop your human capital though training and development assistance.

Technology presents many challenges which we can address by reviewing your IT strategy and helping you to align it with your business strategy. We can assess how effective your IT operations are; whether they give you value for money and present recommendations for system solutions.