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Corporations grow and evolve through M&A, organic growth or by restructuring themselves. Often, growth strategies incorporate elements of all three. A well-conceived and executed growth strategy is key to a corporation’s growth, and sometimes its survival, in the marketplace. Without a clear strategy, corporations may find themselves reacting to the marketplace and competition, and end up embarking on initiatives and acquisitions that destroy, rather than create, value for their shareholders and employees.

Far too often, corporations’ strategic plans are dominated by events or milestones, e.g. revenue/profit targets, IPO and entry into certain markets. While these are important markers, corporations should not lose sight of longer-term changes in the market, competition, and technological and regulatory environment. The market abounds with examples of promising corporations that have stagnated prematurely when management appears to run out of ideas or options soon after certain significant milestones are achieved.

Strategic mistakes are often made when things appear all rosy. It is during good times that corporations need to critically challenge their own strategy and competitive positioning to ensure that they are not over-stretched, nor complacent, and do not fail to realise that costs and competition are creeping in. Often, and especially in hierarchical Asian businesses, an objective third-party consultant’s view is helpful to facilitate strategic planning discussions and critically challenge internal views.

Meeting Your Needs

PricewaterhouseCoopers PwC’s Strategy Group helps companies address complex strategic issues in the marketplace. We provide holistic and practical solutions that help CEOs and management succeed in the marketplace by considering not just a comprehensive business strategy, but also tactical and implementation plans.

Strategic Business Plan

Fundamental to the success of any organisation is a strategic business plan that is effectively formulated and executed. PwC can assist in engaging your stakeholders through facilitating meetings and workshops designed to elicit active and focused group discussions, challenge accepted internal norms while providing views on the market and competitive landscape. Working together with management, PwC can help you develop focused goals and action plans, generate specific performance measurements within realistic timeframes and communicate the plan effectively.

Market Entry Strategy

A well-executed market entry strategy helps to position the brand and accelerate entry into new geographic, product or customer markets. Adopting a wrong entry strategy may set a corporation back by years; costing money and losing market initiative. PwC offers professional advice in tackling strategic market entry issues, assessing possible risks and pitfalls, and designing an optimal entry strategy that facilitates your long-term sustainable growth.

M&A Strategy & Target Search

PwC assists clients in identifying M&A growth opportunities with the best strategic fit and minimum integration risk. Through a detailed diagnosis of the marketplace and competitive landscape, we align our search with our clients’ strategic acquisition considerations. Our Corporate Finance practice will also be able to assist in executing the deals.

Post-Deal Strategic Repositioning

The real work for acquirers begins once the acquisition is completed. A Post-Deal Strategic Repositioning Plan will help corporations realise the strategic rationale for the acquisition. This includes strategies and plans to reposition and synergise the acquisition’s strengths and capabilities with the enlarged Group. Without a detailed and comprehensive Post-Deal Strategic Repositioning Plan, acquirers risk destroying value, failing to achieve projected gains from acquisitions, or worse, losing market share and initiative to competitors while being distracted by internal post-acquisition issues.

Our Experience

Domestic and International Postal Services Provider
- Market Study and Acquisition Target Evaluation

PwC was appointed to formulate a Strategic Business Plan to determine the direction for the client’s proposed entry into the logistics industry, its future positioning in the industry, and to outline the focus and scope of its future logistics operations.

We executed a high-level industry review to determine the current industry landscape and trends; highlight successful case studies and critical success factors; and identify broad opportunities and challenges for our client. The engagement scope covered South East Asia, North Asia, Australia and India. Additionally, we also interviewed various logistics service providers and competitors across China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore to provide a good cross-sector understanding of where the industry is heading and to conduct an analysis of key Asian players in the logistics sector.

The PwC team defined and crystalised the client’s strategy for the logistics industry while leveraging on its strengths. We were able to chart a clear market entry strategic roadmap for the client and identify potential M&A targets to leapfrog its competition in the logistics industry.