Forensic Technology Solutions

With more than 95% of business records globally now created and stored electronically, the forensic seizure and analysis of electronic data has become a fundamental process in virtually all corporate enquiries and dispute resolutions. Our forensic technology specialists are trained in the forensic acquisition and analysis of electronic data. Using our globally developed proprietary tools and dedicated forensic laboratories worldwide, we offer a highly professional approach to preserving and analysing electronic data. Our global team is experienced in handling and processing enormous volumes of data typically stored by large corporations, while our forensic tools have been used in numerous corporate reviews requiring electronic disclosure and advanced financial data analytics.

We use a number of data capture and review tools to analyse and de-duplicate electronic data such as email and user files. These can then be searched and categorised depending on the needs of the reviewer.

We have also developed a number of data mining tools to analyse the financial data,identify suspicious transactions, trends and inconsistencies in support of a company's internal review.

Working out of our forensic laboratory in Singapore our forensic technology specialists can:

  • Locate, identify and secure all forms of electronic data;
  • Provide advanced computer forensic analysis and expert report;
  • Consolidate terabytes of data for easy and accountable review;
  • Provide forensic electronic review environments for corporate email and user files;
  • Provide electronic review environments for Asian languages;
  • Interrogate data from large financial systems and ERP environments for fraud related and regulatory compliance issues; and
  • Investigate high-tech intrusive incidents including unlawful access to a computer network, threatening e-mail, privacy and other internet borne incidents.

Integrity of the Process

We can guarantee that the seizure and capture of digital data is performed in a forensically sound manner. The processes and software tools we use are specialised for this purpose, and consistent with those utilised by international law enforcement agencies and accepted by the courts in most countries.

Computer Crime Investigations

As well as providing computer forensic and electronic evidence recovery services, we can also help in the search for high-tech intrusive incidents including hacking/cracking, threatening e-mail, piracy and other internet borne incidents.

Email and Electronic Review (e-Review)

Large organisations typically have hundreds of email boxes with backup data running into the terabytes. We have developed proprietary tools which allow us to process and search data of this magnitude, forensically searching mailboxes and user files through a simple interface. This process eliminates duplicate emails and user files, while maintaining an audit trail of the entire process - and ensuring accountability for all material that has been subject to review.

Our e-review tools can be used on many types of electronic documentation and work equally well, regardless of whether the data sets are in English, Chinese, Japanese or any other character sets.

Financial Data Mining

We use a variety of data mining tools including proprietary developed Fraud Detection and General Ledger Tools to perform analysis, identify red flags and anomalies across large volumes of financial data. By using our technology to quickly analyse, sort and filter critical transactions and records, we can swiftly focus on key information that is crucial to the investigations.