Dispute Analysis & Litigation Support

Investigate • Analyse • Resolve

Your Challenges

In today’s business world, financial fraud is more common than most people would realise.

Corporate crimes pose a major threat to the stability of any business. Taking the proper thorough and robust measures to prevent crimes or react quickly when something goes wrong is essential.

Disputes usually involve in-depth analysis of a wide variety of issues. Understanding the issues, and substantiating the associated costs and damages are crucial to any successful claim. When disputes cannot be resolved, parties often resort to litigation. In such circumstances, it is often the testimony of an expert witness that decides which party will prevail.

Meeting Your Needs

PwC’s Dispute Analysis and Investigations (DA&I) practice comprises experienced forensic specialists and financial investigators with the necessary accounting and dispute resolution skills to assist in the resolution of financial disputes.

Forensic Services
  • Assist clients in conducting corporate investigations on how fraud occurred and who is responsible, including irregularities, whistle-blowing allegations, asset misappropriations, corruptions and bribes
  • Conduct computer forensic and cyber crime investigations, including examining PCs used to store incriminating memos, emails, messages left on voice mail/email, and file servers; identifying data misuse, unauthorised network intrusions and pirated software distribution; and accessing audit trails to identify unauthorised movement of electronic intellectual assets
  • Conduct intellectual property, as well as insolvency and bankruptcy, investigations into infringement of patents and copyrights, and recovering funds on behalf of debtors and creditors
  • Perform anti-money laundering investigations, including violations of regulations, suspicious transactions and verification of legitimate customers
Litigation Support
  • Provide independent and objective financial advice to lawyers, corporations and individuals involved in litigations, arbitration or mediation to analyse liabilities and damages
  • Offer expertise in discovery assistance, claims preparation and rebuttal, and expert witness testimony throughout the litigation process
Insurance Advisory Services
  • Assist in developing strategies to improve overall portfolio management and risk management for insurers, self-insurers, government departments, and compensation scheme managers
  • Provide loss management planning, loss quantification and claims preparations, as well as negotiation and settlement services on insurance claims
Licensing Management Services
  • Assist clients in establishing and monitoring national/international licensing operations, as well as work with organisations to develop comprehensive and highly disciplined Licensing Management Programmes to review past licensing revenues and ensure accurate reporting and royalty compliance in the future

Our Experience

PwC has been associated with several publicly quoted investigations in Singapore such as China Aviation Oil, Accord Customer Care Solutions, Asia Pacific Breweries, Informatics and Singapore Logistics Multi-Purpose Cooperatives. There are many others that have not been made public, but are no less complex in terms of the scope of work and deliverables.

In the area of litigation support, we assisted one of our clients who is a renowned real estate management company. In the arbitration at the London Court of International Arbitration, we reviewed documents disclosed in the proceedings relating to a breach of contract and quantified resulting damages.

In another case, we conducted a forensic analysis of the computer hard disk of suspects to gather evidence to prove an offence that several senior employees of one of our clients colluded to resign and join a competitor. Our analysis and supporting evidence enabled an Anton Pillar Order to be obtained for search and destruction of confidential information possessed by the defendants. As the defendants voluntarily settled out of Court, our work resulted in considerable cost savings for management from the avoidance of trial.