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PwC’s Academy is the specialized training arm of PwC Singapore. Our practitioners create high-impact learning events on a variety of technical and people-oriented topics, from finance and accounting to leadership, self-management and more. Explore our public workshops or corporate solutions.

The PwC Difference

Our trainers have worked with the world's leading organisations to solve their business issues and maximise the opportunities they seek. Now they are committed to doing the same for you, helping you along your own personal growth journey to make better business decisions.

Our Approach

All of our training solutions are ingrained with our commitment to provide the right knowledge, transferred effectively, to help our learners to grow and their businesses to prosper. Learn about our approach.

This unique blend of cutting edge content, effective adult learning methodology and customer-centric focus is what makes sessions delivered by PwC’s Academy visibly different. We believe that, when it comes to knowledge transfer and developing skills, the “how” is as important as the “what”.

Anthony Moore
PwC's Academy Leader
Tel: +65 6236 3155
Ryan Hansen-Reeder
PwC's Academy Consultant

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