The start to a great career

The start to a great career

 We are looking for high performing final year students and graduates who graduated within the last one year.  We are committed to growing our own talent and in turn contribute to the development of our economy in addition to achieve business growth. 

What counts

We value and welcome students from all degree disciplines.  We look for bright and graduates who are ready to take on a challenging experience. Strong academic qualifications count, however, we are also looking for well-rounded individuals because in our experience, it is well-rounded individuals who succeed in PwC. We will be interested in hearing of what else you have achieved in addition to your academic qualifications.

Recruitment Process

Our selection process is designed to provide you with a range of opportunities for you to interact with us as well as to demonstrate your capabilities.

Step 1 – University Presentations

For students in Rwanda, you will have the opportunities to meet with our staff. You will get to know what it takes to join PwC, hear what it is like to work at PwC and the world of opportunities that awaits you at PwC. 

Step 2 – Online application To apply for the graduate associate role, you will need to apply online.  The details of the role and qualifications will be listed. 

Step 3 – On line assessments The on-line assessments give us an indication of your ability and competency on various areas that are assessed.

Step 4 – Manager Interview

At this stage you will meet with one of our managers to talk about your experiences and why you are interested in a position at PwC.  This will provide you with an opportunity to also ask your questions and learn more about us.

Step 5 – On line Personality assessment This assessment seeks to assess your strengths, competencies and your preferred style of working.  It provides us with more insight on each candidate.

Step 6 – Partner Interview If you are successful in the first interview, you will be invited to meet with a more senior member of our team.

Step 7 – Offer Candidates who are successful will be offered an opportunity to work with PwC.

Step 8 – Pre-employment checks and on-boarding Successful candidates will go through our pre-employment checks such as reference and character checks.  They will also undergo an in-depth induction programme to help them get started on their journey to an exciting career at PwC.