Internal Firm Services

The internal firm services team provides support to the teams that provide client services.  Their support to the client services teams enable them provide quality service to our clients.

The IFS team is made up of the following departments:

The finance team is tasked with the financial management and reporting for the firm to ensure that the firm’s financial resources are safeguarded.

Marketing, Communication & Business Development (MCBD)
The MCBD team is responsible for the management of our brand.  They also provide support to the client service teams through various marketing and business development initiatives.  The MCBC team also takes responsibility for internal and external communication including media relations.

Business Technology Solutions (BTS)

The BTS department is responsible for the technology infrastructure that enables the firm function internally and delivers on client services.

Human Capital

The human capital department’s role is to support the firm in the management of its people. The management of this very key resource ensures that our people can contribute to the successful achievement of our business strategy.

Office services

The office services team provides operational support to the firm through switchboard operations, reception services, hospitality and stationary & document production services.