Technology industry at the crossroads: Transforming quote-to-cash operations

Despite their best intentions, most Technology companies today are not delivering the premium customer experience their business customers are enjoying at popular state-of-the art consumer sites.  Hampered by disconnected processes and systems that have developed over time from fast growth, M&A activity and global expansion, Technology companies have a huge opportunity to transform the process from customer order to delivery and payment known as the 'quote-to-cash' process.

The quote-to-cash process touches almost every aspect of a business while having a significant influence on the overall customer experience, so transformation in this area is a complex, cross-disciplinary initiative.

In this white paper, PwC outlines the benefits of a quote-to-cash process transformation, its impact on sales and revenue and an overview of the Q2C performance spectrum. It outlines a strategic process for undergoing transformation that is based on a framework that includes benchmarking and a reference architecture.

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