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Our private equity specialists provide integrated solutions to challenges at every level of your business, from deal strategy through value capture.

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In this market, private equity firms need a cash culture and an integrated plan for managing funds, improving portfolio company performance and ensuring flawless transactions.
We work closely with you through the full life-cycle of the private equity continuum. From deal to deal, strategy through execution, PwC can connect you to the right resources, at the right time, ensuring success at each stage of your valuation transaction.


At PwC, we see the big picture and we treat your business as a whole. It's our way of making the complex world of Private Equity feel a little simpler.

Election results may lead to considerable tax law changes for the private equity industry

President-elect Trump’s tax plan includes proposals that, if enacted, could impact the private equity (PE) industry. His proposals would meaningfully reduce federal income tax rates for both individual and business taxpayers. However, his proposals seek to change the taxation of carried interest. The proposals also include a mandatory deemed repatriation of current foreign earnings of US businesses which would be subject to a one-time tax at reduced rates. 

Many Republicans, including senior Trump campaign officials, have said that comprehensive tax reform is a key priority, although this will need to be balanced with other policy priorities of the Trump Administration. The private equity industry should pay close attention to tax legislation Congress proposes in 2017, as well as Trump’s fiscal year 2018 budget, which is expected to include more details on his proposals.

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PwC employs an integrated service approach that leverages our private equity experience to provide timely identification and resolution of common issues encountered throughout the transaction and portfolio company lifecycle as well as issues unique to the private equity fund.

Our professionals assist with many of today's largest, most challenging issues impacting the following sectors:

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