Global Portfolio and Programme Management Survey

The 2014 PPM Global Survey received input from a record 3,025 people from 110 countries, providing a truly global view. Thank you.

Within this total number is representation from Sectors as follows:

  • Consumer & Industrial Products – 49%
  • Technology, Information, Communication & Entertainment – 26%
  • Financial Services – 14%
  • Government & Public Services – 11%

The report will be published here in September for download and a link sent to all participants who completed the survey.

What we hear from you

There is clearly a case for ‘Doing things Differently’ that underpin our findings. The results of the 4th Global PPM Survey open up new insights that can help organisations deliver better results from their change programmes as well as repeat some consistent messages from previous surveys. That case revolves around the fact that our PwC Global PPM survey tells us that:

  1. Keeping up with the rapid pace of change is one of a CEO’s most demanding challenges;
  2. That some familiar issues have not changed in over 10 years; and
  3. That there is often a disconnect between the executive team and programme managers.

2014 PPM Global Survey –Themes:

Five themes emerged from the PPM Global Survey that could make a real difference to programme success in terms of “doing things differently”.

  1. Optimise your portfolio to maximise return.
    If you are not making decisions using objective criteria and quality data, then how are you doing it?
  2. Be flexible, change faster.
    As new business and programme challenges arise how can PMs help their organisations adapt quickly enough?
  3. Enable your people to deliver success.
    Structure, process and planning help, but it is people that deliver programmes – why don’t they do it really well more often?
  4. Connect the Executive Team to programme delivery teams to get the change you want.
    Why aren’t executive teams more closely aligned with those delivering programmes?
  5. Measure and address the harsh facts to maintain direction.
    If you are not spotting the tricky problems as they arise how can you manage them?

Our Winners

Thank you all for your support and contribution to make this work informative for us all. A special mention to the winners in our iPad contest, congratulations to:

  • Ms. Y Lin, Chidopi Co. Taiwan
  • Mr. T Abwao, Lafarge, Zambia
  • Mr. P Cheung, Axa, Hong Kong
  • Anonymous, PMI member, Japan