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Riding the waves of change: PwC expertise in Business & Climate Change

Sustainability and climate change have moved to the top of the corporate agenda, gaining traction among employees, shareholders, regulators and consumers alike. Most organisations know it's an area that can no longer be ignored, but many are at different stages of understanding.


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Business strategy and analytics

  • The countdown begins for FATCA…

    Registration as a participating institution for compliance to the United States government’s Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) is important for institutions that plan conduct business with US individuals and/or entities. Find out why.

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Risk management

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Human Capital Think Tank

The talent challenge: Adapting to growth (August 2014)

Despite the positive outlook for jobs, PwC’s research, which surveyed over 1,300 CEOs in 68 countries, reveals that business leaders are more concerned about being able to find the right people to fill these roles.


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What is PwC Think Tank?

A think tank is a corporation, institution or government body organized for multidisciplinary research. The research or services offered are conducted for governments or corporate clients. Please allow us to share our thoughts and our knowledge with you, in order to serve you better throught this website.

Our Advisory unit can offer you Consulting and Deals services that could help you enhance your organization or assist you in the best way possible. PwC Think Tank provides expertise to the public and the private sectors, questioning and monitoring strategies and structures. Let us grow with you and work hand in hand as you build a more dynamic business or economy.

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