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No organization can exist without Human Capital, which makes it essential for each corporation to know how to keep employee morale high and departures low. Even the smallest gesture that a firm makes to show its appreciation to its human resource can spell the difference between success and ruin.

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The 2013 Chief Executive Study: Women CEOs of the last 10 years (May 2014)

Strategy&, a member firm of the PwC network of firms, recently released the 14th annual Chief Executive Study, which examines CEO turnover and incoming and outgoing CEOs at the world’s 2,500 largest public companies.


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  • Next Generation Diversity: Developing tomorrow’s female leaders (March 2014)

    Organisations the world over are currently challenged with a lack of women in leadership positions, and fast becoming concerned with the competitive and financial toll this could mean for their organisations. Meanwhile they are also facing the challenges that come with vast numbers of millennial talent entering and reshaping the workforce.