Approving the 2013 Investment Priorities Plan

13 November 2013

 The Office of the President has issued Memorandum Order (MO) No. 59 dated 13 November 2013 approving the 2013 Investment Priorities Plan (IPP). The MO clarifies however that entitlement to incentives of the activities in the 2013 IPP is still subject to the issuance of guidelines by the Board of Investments which shall take into account the net value-added, job generation, multiplier effect, and measured capacity of the project for IPP registration.

The 2013 IPP provides an enumeration of the preferred activities, mandatory list, export activities, and the ARMM list of priority activities that have been identified by the Regional Board of Investments of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (RBOI-ARMM).

The preferred activities list includes investment in the areas of agriculture or agribusiness and fishery; creative industries or knowledge-based services; shipbuilding; mass housing; iron and steel; energy; infrastructure; research and development; green projects; motor vehicles; strategic projects; hospital or medical services; and disaster prevention, mitigation and recovery projects.

The mandatory list includes investments under special laws covering industrial tree plantation; exploration, mining, quarrying, and processing of minerals; publication or printing of books or textbooks; refining, storage, marketing and distribution of petroleum products; ecological solid waste management; clean water projects; rehabilitation, self-development and self-reliance of persons with disability; renewable energy; and tourism.

The RBOI-ARMM list contains investments in export; agriculture, agribusiness or aquaculture fishery; basic industries; consumer manufactures; infrastructure and services; industrial service facilities; engineering industries; logistics; BIMP-EAGA (Brunei Darussalam-Indonesia-Malaysia-Philippines East Association of Southeast Asian Nations Growth Area) trade and investment enterprises; tourism; health and education services and facilities; and Halal industry.