Partner profile: Atty. Carlos T. Carado II

Written in the stars

Carlos knew he was going to be a Certified
Public Accountant & Lawyer (CPA-Lawyer),
even if it was far from what he always
dreamed of. An achieversince his childhood
days, Carlos was very much interested in the
world of Science. He wanted to become a
Molecular Biologist, discover a cure for cancer,
and do things that will be beneficial to mankind. He grew up with disciplinarian
parents — his father was a military man —
and so Carlos found himself following his father’s
wish for him to become
a CPA-Lawyer.

Carlos earned a full scholarship at the
Technological Institute of the Philippines-Manila
where he finished his Accountancy degree.
After passing the CPA board exams, he joined
a Japanese non-governmental organization that provides scholarship grants to children all over
the Philippines. He studied and worked at the same time until he obtained his Juris Doctor from the Ateneo de Manila University.

Carlos loves to play golf during his
free time

Landing a spot in PwC

After passing the Bar, Carlos started as a law
practitioner handling civil and criminal cases.
Carlos’ career in PwC began in 1999 when his
wife chanced upon a newspaper advertisement
by Joaquin Cunanan & Co. which was then
looking for consultants and senior consultants
for its Tax Department. On board the firm, his
knowledge was further honed when he was sent
to various trainings here and
abroad. In 2002, he was seconded in Bangkok
to specialize in Transfer Pricing. He was admitted
to the Partnership in 2012.


Carlos with his wife, Christine. They have been married for 15 years and
blessed with Kyla, Kisha, and Kimi.

On being a partner

His transition from Director to Partner was not difficult because his mind was tuned in to becoming a Partner even when he was starting out as a consultant. After his admission, he went on to branch out to other fields and work more closely and effectively with his managers. His love for his people and desire to see them advance professionally are what motivate him every day. “I love working with them”, he says with a big smile.

Different from the rest

“Our firm can only be as good as the people that we have.”

He admires the attitude, positivism and hard work of our people. With the growing competition nowadays, Carlos believes that our people is what makes PwC stand out from the rest.