Alumni profile: Roberto C. Pe Benito, Jr.


Perseverance. Dedication. Integrity. These are the qualities that brought Roberto “Buddy” Pe Benito, Jr. to a successful career so far. Decided that professional services firms offer more value for beginners than a private practice does, Buddy joined the firm (then Joaquin Cunanan & Co.) as a junior auditor in 1995 after he passed the Certified Public Accountant licensure exam.

“In PwC, one thing we can take pride of is the sense of commitment and dedication of our people. We deliver on our commitment, solving complex client problems, even if it means working on extended hours during peak season,” he said.

As an auditor, Buddy learned the professionalism and discipline needed to deliver quality work despite adversities and the lack of technology during his time.

His character was molded and strengthened by the different personalities he dealt with during his stint with the firm. He honed his skills in Assurance for five years before moving on to join the newly-formed Transaction Services in 1999 (now a core unit in Advisory group).

As a pioneer member of the Transaction Services unit, Buddy has been exposed to various industries and became conversant with different business issues. He gradually built his credentials as an expert in business process outsourcing (BPO), an industry he joined when he left the firm in 2006 to expand his career.

Buddy is now the chief financial officer of Teleperformance Philippines, a subsidiary of one of the largest BPO firms in the world. Keeping the values and skills he has learned from the firm, he continues to improve his craft as a financial executive.  He is currently training to embark on bigger roles in the operations of Teleperformance in Asia, a role he is competing with other executives in the region. Although the competition can be challenging, he plans to seize the opportunity. 


Buddy (right), Cherry (middle) and Reilly (left) loves to dine out
The happy family at Plantation Bay, Cebu

Buddy is happily married to Cherry, also an alumna of the firm who he met while working on a client engagement. Completely opposites, Cherry complements her husband’s quiet and serious demeanor. They are blessed with a son named Reilly.

Despite his busy schedule, Buddy finds time to travel with his family at least twice a year and makes it a point to bond with them every weekend. To keep up with the demands of his work and family, he works out in the gym regularly.