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Total Retail 2015: Retailers and the Ages of Disruptions

The 2015 Total Retail Survey, which gathered views of more than 19,000 online shopping in 19 countries, asked consumers about their purchasing preferences, use of different shopping channels and expectations of retailers. The report highlights how four major disruptions have resulted in unprecedented change in the retail industry.

The road ahead: Gaining momentum from energy transformation

This report looks at the overall trends that are shaping tomorrow’s market environment and the market designs and business models that might ensue. It looks at the disruptions affecting companies and introduces PwC’s Energy Transformation framework.

Developing Infrastructure in Asia Pacific: Outlook, Challenges and Solutions (Industry issues, CIPS)

While much progress has been made in infrastructure development over the past few decades, Asia Pacific needs to improve its facilities to support trade flow and investment within and among economies.

2014 Global Airline CEO Survey

Airline CEOs are bullish about the outlook for their industry with 82% of them saying the industry’s revenue will rise over the next 12 months.

Capital project and infrastructure spending: Outlook to 2025

Global capital project and infrastructure spending is expected to grow to more than $9 trillion annually by 2025, up from $4 trillion in 2012, according to PwC report.

Mine 2014: Realigning expectations

2013 was a year that forced the global mining industry to realign expectations in one of the most difficult operating environments for years, according to PwC’s annual Mine report.

The “new normal” for airport investment

The global aviation industry is operating in a “new normal” economic landscape following the shift of growth source from western countries to emerging economies, continued financial uncertainty and high and volatile energy and commodity prices.

Mine 2013: A confidence crisis

PwC’s 10th annual global mining report analyses mining trends by looking into the performance of the 40 largest mining companies and discusses the sector’s prospects moving forward.

Financial Services


Financial Services 2016

A new take on talent

Drawing on the findings of our latest Global CEO Survey and our wide-ranging work with FS clients, this report explores what kind of people are needed to take the business forward in this transforming marketplace, how to attract, retain and reward them and how to optimise their performance.

Emerging Trends in Real Estate Asia Pacific

Now in its ninth year, the Emerging Trends in Real Estate® Asia Pacific, discusses the development trends and investment prospects for the real estate industry in the Asia Pacific region.

Global Economy Watch

The latest Global Economy Watch report sees Asian countries becoming important players in global trade by 2030.

The future shape of banking

A new report from PwC suggests that, as early as 2025 – 2030, a market economy could readily exist without banks of the traditional kind.

Insurance 2020: Forcing the pace

Revitalising the life insurance sector starts with creating new opportunities with underserved markets, particularly young people and lower income consumers, according to PwC’s latest insurance report – Forcing the pace: The fast way to becoming a digital front-runner.

Has the Eurozone let a good crisis go to waste?

According to PwC’s May issue of Global Economy Watch, the Eurozone is on the road to recovery, but improving financial conditions in recent months in some countries in the region have taken the pressure off other, larger economies such as France and Italy, allowing them to put off similarly painful reforms.

Eyes Wide Shut: Global insights and actions for banks in the digital age

The study stresses the need for banks to drive growth through customer-centric engagement and discusses six priorities that it should embrace to be successful in 2020.

Asset Management 2020: A Brave New World

The PwC report predicts that global assets under management (AuM) will rise to around $101.7 trillion by 2020, from a 2012 total of $63.9 trillion. This represents a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of nearly 6%.

Living in interesting times: Navigating the new era for central banking

Participants from PwC’s Central Bank Forum 2013 talk about how to address the challenges ahead.

Technology, Info-Comm and Entertainment

Making Waves Southeast Asia (SEA) Series, Spotlight on the Philippines

This 2012 report discusses the current state of the competition-driven telco sector as well as the challenges faced by its market players.