Philippine Gems - Isla Lipana & Co.

Philippine Gems - Rediscovering the country's natural assets

Philippine Gems aims to showcase the country’s “good side” to the world, especially the many pristine natural sceneries of our picturesque country. Increasing the awareness and appreciation for these sites will foster both local and international interest and attention that may eventually increase economic activity.

Philippine Gems is a part of Isla Lipana’s corporate social responsibility. In 2010, the company also embarked on a project that gathered the thoughts, comments and ideas of the country’s top executives on the path of Philippine economy called “Philippine Resiliency—A Gem Uncovered”.

Three years after the publication of Philippine Resiliency, Isla Lipana & Co continues its journey, this time harnessing the country’s natural wonders with Philippine Gems. Considered as the company’s corporate social responsibility project, Philippine Gems hopes to promote and further boost the country’s growing economy.