Isla Lipana & Co. Foundation, Inc.

Established in 2007, Isla Lipana & Co. Foundation, Inc. serves as the corporate responsibility arm of Isla Lipana & Co./PwC Philippines.  It is a non-profit independent organization founded with the following purpose:

  1. Promote social awareness and responsibility among partners, principals, employees, alumni and friends of Isla Lipana & Co.;
  2. Undertake socio-civic programs that promote responsible business, diversity and inclusion, community engagement and environmental stewardship;
  3. Sponsor fora in accounting, taxation, business management or other similar programs in various educational institutions; and
  4. Accept and receive donations, endowments, grants and contributions of any form and kind from any and all sources.


Isla Lipana & Co. Foundation., Inc. undertakes programs under the following areas:

A. Education

  • The “Seat of Hope” Project is a flagship program of the Foundation which aims to address the shortage of classroom chairs and teachers’ desks in selected public schools nationwide.
  • Through the PwC Scholarship Program the Foundation is able to provide financial assistance to Accountancy undergraduates and CPA board reviewees.

B. Community

  • The Foundation donates in cash and in-kind to victims of calamities as part of disaster response activities.
  • It funds shelter reconstruction projects to help in community rebuilding and rehabilitation.
  • It provides capacity-building and training to farmers and small and medium-sized entrepreneurs by teaching them the basics of business and accounting.
  • It conducts community outreaches as part of an annual gift-giving program.

C. Environmental Protection

  • The Foundation organizes tree planting and tree-potting activities to help save the environment.

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