TwP Update: Tax Support group repaints Day Care Center in Lian, Batangas

In the midst of scourging heat last 26 April, our firm's Tax Support group repainted a Day Care Center in Barangay Lumaniag in Lian, Batangas. This activity is part of the firm's TwP Summer Outing and was coordinated by our Liaison Staff, Larry Cabiling who is from the same barangay.

While the firm provided funds for the repainting of the classroom, the group contributed and bought school supplies and food for the kids of the community.

Seeing the glimmer of excitement in the kids’ eyes inspired the group. They painted the external and internal walls, repainted the floors with rubber paint and cleaned the room for almost eight straight hours.  The team also donated visual aids for display inside the school.
A five-year old boy who could not contain his excitement exclaimed, “Sana pasukan na!” The parents were just as excited watching the team beautify the building and joked that their kids might purposely fail their lessons so they can still enjoy the newly painted school.

A mother said that they felt very happy and valued because it is seldom that they get to experience the goodness of strangers. After the activity, the team, still in high spirits, enjoyed the beach resort of Lian.

(Story contributed by Czarina Mercado, Tax Executive Secretary)

The Golden Heart Day Care Center in Lian, Batangas
before the repainting.

After the repainting. The PwC color brought life to the

The Team painting the school with PwC color.


The Tax Support group with kids of Golden Heart Day Care Center