TwP Update: Tax-Consulting Assessment Feeding activity in Baler

The Tax Consulting-Assessment team went to Baler, Aurora Province for its Tourism with a Purpose (TwP) last 8 March 2014. Rich in heritage and historic culture, Baler is found at the northeast part of Luzon.

Before enjoying the Baler waves, the beach and sun, the team first visited Ruperto Zubia Elementary School.  They were greeted with warm smiles from children and teachers. The group, with the help of the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office (MSWDO), teachers and the community, conducted a feeding program for children.

Tax consultants and managers mingled with the kids while enjoying their nutritious meal

Ates and Kuyas from Tax help prepare the meal
The hearty meal was followed by team games where everyone had fun. Although timid at the beginning, it did not take long for the children to loosen up. In fact, they turned out to be competitive and with their game-faces on, even chanted their team names to lift the spirits of their teammates.

Another highlight of TwP is the group’s distribution of school supplies. With the kids’ faces beaming with joy and appreciation, the experience was truly humbling, inspiring and memorable for the group – A true PwC Experience.

Ruperto Zubia Elementary School in Barangay Sabang, Baler, Aurora, offers free education to children. As of this writing, the school is in need of financial assistance (Php180,000.00) to renovate and make operational dilapidated classrooms.

(Story Contributed by Tax Consulting-Assessment Team)


Enjoying the summer heat with the kids of Baler

The Tax team prepared parlor games for the kids

The Tax Consulting-Assessment Team with officials from the school and the MSWDO of Baler