How to invest in the Philippines (2013) Japanese


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This Guide was specially prepared for the benefit of potential, as well as existing, investors whom we consider major business partners in shaping the future of the Philippine economy.



私共Isla Lipana & Co.(イスラ・リパナ・アンド・カンパニー)は、国際的会計事務所であるPwC(プライスウォーターハウスクーパース)のフィリピンメンバーファームとして、皆さまのビジネスにとり有用な様々な情報の発信を行っています。フィリピンの主要な会計事務所のなかで最古の歴史を誇る当ファームは、設立から91年以上にわたり、監査、税務、アドバイザリーを中心とした分野において、グローバルな視点からプロフェッショナルアドバイスを提供して参りました。本投資ガイドが皆さまのフィリピンビジネス成功の一助となれば幸いです。




The contents of the How to invest in the Philippines book are summaries and compilations in general terms of selected issuances from various government agencies available as of the date of writing. They do not cover exhaustively the subjects it treats but is intended to answer some of the important, broad questions that may arise. They do not necessarily reflect the official positions of Isla Lipana & Co., the Philippine member firm of the PwC global network. Isla Lipana & Co. is not liable on any ground whatsoever for any review, retransmission, dissemination or other use of, or in respect of decisions or actions in reliance upon the contents of this How to invest in the Philippines book which are intended for guidance only and as such should not be regarded as a substitute for professional advice.