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10 September 2014

Clarifying the allowable activities of PEZA IT Enterprises (Taxwise, 11 September 2014)

A COMMON misconception for most enterprises registered with the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) is that the sale of finished goods, i.e., trading activity, may be considered part of its registered activity entitled to incentives. However, this is not the case.

3 September 2014

The privilege of taxing a privilege (franchise) (Taxwise, 4 September 2014)

TAXATION has a very wide and long reach that can essentially cover anything under the sun. The power to tax has been described as limitless in its range such that the legislature only needs to enact a law to tax something. One wonders if there will come a time when even the privilege of dreaming big could be taxed as well. Well, that won’t hurt so long as the imposition and collection of the tax is done also in a dream.

2 September 2014

Tax Alert No. 28 (2 September 2014)

Principal Office Address of Corporations and Partnerships

1 September 2014

Jose Morales, III (Alumni profile)

Alumni profile: Jose Morales, III

27 August 2014

Rick, Malou and Lois facilitate tax and investment forum in Malaysia and Singapore (News, August 2014)

Key people from PwC Philippines were invited as resource speakers at a seminar on "Investment Structures and Taxation in the Philippines" held in Malaysia and Singapore on 27 and 28 August, respectively.

27 August 2014

Revisiting your company’s vision (Taxwise, 28 August 2014)

BUSINESS leaders nowadays are prioritizing the impact of the change in the macro-environment -- whether political, economic, social, technological, ecological, or institutional in nature -- as a key factor in assessing the opportunities and threats to their respective companies.

14 August 2014

Isla Lipana & Co. holds tax and accounting caravan in Cebu (News, August 2014)

Isla Lipana & Co. in collaboration with the Association of MEZ Controllers and Accountants (AMCA) held its first tax and accounting caravan entitled“Be informed now” last 15 August 2014 at the Waterfront Airport Hotel & Casino in Mactan, Lapu-lapu City, Cebu.

12 August 2014

BIR issues rules on electronic storage of documents (Taxwise, 13 August 2014)

IN THIS day and age, technology plays an instrumental, if not essential role in our lives. Before the dawn of the digital age, written communication was mainly delivered via postal mail or transmitted through telegram, photographs were recorded on rolls of film, and music was played using vinyl records and, later on, cassette tapes.

9 August 2014

The talent challenge: Adapting to growth (August 2014)

Despite the positive outlook for jobs, PwC’s research, which surveyed over 1,300 CEOs in 68 countries, reveals that business leaders are more concerned about being able to find the right people to fill these roles.

9 August 2014

The future shape of banking

A new report from PwC suggests that, as early as 2025 – 2030, a market economy could readily exist without banks of the traditional kind.

7 August 2014

Be informed now: An accounting and tax seminar (15 August 2014)

Our seminar goes to Cebu. Covering accounting topics, tax and common accounting issues

7 August 2014

Tax Alert No. 27 (7 August 2014)

Amending RR No. 17-2013 Allowing Electronic Preservation of Accounting Records

7 August 2014

PwC Philippines, BCYF launch the Developmental Social Enterprise Awards (Corporate responsibility news, August 2014)

Isla Lipana & Co. and CSR thought leader Benito & Catalina Yap Foundation (BCYFoundation) jointly launched the Developmental Social Enterprise Awards (DSE Awards), last 7 August 2014 at the Centennial Room of Club Filipino to the members of the media.

6 August 2014

Essentially inseparable (Taxwise, 7 August 2014)

AS KIDS, we may have persuaded our parents to hear us out before they lay down any punishments for any mischief we may have done. Though we, as children, may not yet know the term “due process,” even then, we already had the innate idea of the need to first be heard before judgment is rendered.

4 August 2014

Zaldy D. Aguirre (Assurance Partner)

Profile of Assurance Partner, Zaldy D. Aguirre

4 August 2014

Cosette Canilao (Alumni profile)

Alumni profile: Cosette Canilao

2 August 2014

For graduates of various disciplines - August 2014

For graduates of various disciplines - August 2014

2 August 2014

Careers for CPA-Lawyers, Lawyers - August 2014

Careers for CPA-Lawyers, Lawyers - August 2014

2 August 2014

Careers for CPAs - August 2014

Careers for CPAs - August 2014

31 July 2014

Firm welcomes its two new partners - PwC Philippine news (News, August 2014)

Meet our new partners: Assurance Partner Paul Chester U. See and Consulting Principal Benjamin Azada

31 July 2014

Tax Alert No. 26 (31 July 2014)

Clarification on the applicability of RMC No. 8-2014 to General Professional Partnership (GPP) in relation to RMC No. 3-2012

30 July 2014

Addressing small investors’ tax concerns under PERA law (Taxwise, 31 July 2014)

SAVING for retirement takes a lot of discipline.

29 July 2014

Susan Talampas wins top prize in Forum Robinsons Photo Contest (News, July 2014)

General Office Services Officer Susan Talampas bagged the top prize in a photo contest sponsored by Forum Robinsons for students, amateurs and hobbyists.

22 July 2014

M&A valuation: Synergies generated by an informed buyer (Taxwise, 24 July 2014)

IN A MERGERS and acquisitions (M&A) transaction, a buyer may sometimes seem to overpay when it buys a target.

17 July 2014

PICPA holds Annual Business Meeting (News, July 2014)

In celebration of the National Accountancy Week, the Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA) hosted its Annual Business Meeting at the Grand Ballroom of the InterContinental Hotel Manila on 18 July 2014.