Papua New Guinea's tourism industry is young and fast developing with endless potential. The country provides unbeatable outdoor experiences for travellers with special interest.

The culture of the people of Papua New Guinea attracts collectors, photographers, and artists. Culture is kept alive in the traditional rituals of deaths, feasts, marriages, compensation ceremonies and initiation rites that are conducted in one of the more than 700 languages, that linguists have documented. Visitors to regional areas, especially the highlands regions, can see a wide variety of traditions in village construction, speech and dress.

The vast areas of tropical rainforest provide perfect habitats for a wide variety of bird life. Of the 43 known species of birds of paradise, 38 are found in Papua New Guinea. The rugged mountain terrain offers trekkers, climbers and caving enthusiasts wonderful opportunities for adventure. The country's massive river system provides many location choices for canoeists, kayakers and fishing enthusiasts.

Papua New Guinea is also home to some of the world's most pristine and spectacular diving sites. Located in the Pacific Ocean, it is said to have twice as many marine species as the waters of the Red Sea, and up to five times as many as the Caribbean. Like its diverse culture, Papua New Guinea's accommodation varies from international standard hotels to rural village style.

Papua New Guinea's cultural diversity provides enchanting experiences and adventure for all of its visitors.