Living and working in PNG

Visa Requirements

In order to work in PNG you need a work permit and a visa. All dependants also require a visa. The Firm will take care of the paper work but you will need to fulfil the requirements of the visa application. The visa application can be obtained either from ourselves, the Papua New Guinea Diplomatic Mission or the Australian Mission if PNG is not represented in your home country.

  • Part of the requirements is a police report and a medical report including an AIDS test and chest ex-ray for Tuberculosis.
  • You will also need to provide a full curriculum vitae including references from previous employers and copies of your qualifications.
  • If you are coming up as a couple but are not married then the PNG government may only give your dependant a visa on the understanding that you will be married within six months, although in practice such issues can normally be addressed without such drastic action been required.

Can dependants work in PNG?
In PNG many jobs are restricted to citizens only. If, as a dependant, you have tertiary qualifications or work experience in a non-restricted area then it is normally possible to find employment and to have your status changed from a dependant to a non dependant. This can take time.

Alternatively dependants can seek work before they arrive by contacting recruiting organisations in the country.