Living and working in PNG

Health, medical and dental services

While the level of health care is generally not high, there are some excellent private medical clinics. The standard of health amongst expatriates is generally reasonably good. The most common experienced minor illnesses are gastro-enteritis and a variety of viral infections.

The hospital service is limited and most expatriates requiring emergency surgery or specialist treatment have this done in Australia. Your health insurance would probably cover the cost of this including, where necessary, the cost of any emergency evacuations.

  • You need to be more vigilant with your health care. Open sores can easily turn into ulcers in these tropical conditions and need to be cleansed and covered as soon as possible.
  • Malaria is common in PNG but less so in Port Moresby. Most expatriates choose not to take anti-malaria tablets on a long-term basis, but you should take your own medical advice in this regard before leaving for Papua New Guinea.
  • Cases of Typhoid are not unusual among the Papua New Guinea population and it is advisable to boil drinking water or drink bottled water in some areas such as Port Moresby. Typhoid vaccination is recommended.
  • Hepatitis and Tuberculosis are common in PNG and vaccination for both is recommended.

There are some very good dentists here with but some expatriates prefer to leave their dental work until they are on leave.