Project Consulting Services

Programs and projects are complex. They are often innovative - in what they are aiming to achieve and/or in the solutions that are put in place to deliver them. They involve multiple stakeholders. And in today’s challenging economic environment you not only need to do them with less resources, but also demonstrate to stakeholders that the significant funds committed to them will deliver value for money.

These potentially overwhelming challenges put significant stress and strain on an organisation’s capability and capacity to deliver.

How PwC can help

Addressing these issues is at the heart of what PwC does. We have tools and techniques developed from years of experience delivering projects and programs of all sizes across the world. We help you to focus on the projects and programs that matter to achieve your strategy, and strengthen your chances of success right the way through a program.
Our global reputation and proven track record show that PwC is the delivery partner who you can trust to achieve sustainable change.
To support you in this challenging environment, we can help you with:

• Portfolio Management: We help our clients structure their portfolio to best meet their strategic needs and objectives and maximise the returns on their investments. We work with our clients to manage the ongoing alignment and delivery of their portfolio as needs change and competing pressures on valuable resources occur.
• Project Services: We support our clients in establishing and structuring new programs and projects, and improving the performance of existing initiatives. We help in stopping and/or closing programs and projects if they are reaching the end of their lifecycle or are no longer aligned with strategic needs.
• Project Management Offices: We help our clients to rapidly mobilise PMO’s that are fit for purpose and add value through providing control, rigour and challenge. Using our best practice tools and templates we can accelerate the establishment process and run these for or with our clients, as well as providing initial set-up and coaching and then stepping out..
• Benefits Management: We help our clients structure their initiatives with a clear focus on benefits and ensure that alignment to these is maintained throughout the delivery lifecycle. We help them ensure that benefits are realised when planned and are pro-actively tracked and realised following program closure.
• Project Assurance: We quickly and effectively identify weaknesses, risks and areas for improvement in those initiatives that are either of concern to senior management or are critical to the organisation. We do this at project, program and portfolio level.
• Training and methodology: We help our clients to develop their internal project management capability through developing and delivering training, producing client tailored project and program management methodologies. We work with clients to understand their current capability level, their desired level and then help them get there.

Contact us and find out how we can help you coordinate your projects and align them with your overall business goals.

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