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Enhance your mining operations returns with our integrated network

Mining companies around the world have seen their profits soar due to lower commodity prices that have also squeezed shareholder returns across the industry. Many investors have decided to put their money elsewhere, creating what we’re calling a confidence crisis across the mining sector.

Miners have had to cut back on spending and operations. Some even had to take billions of dollars’ worth of write downs to account for the lower value of their assets compared to only a couple years earlier.

Although the long-term fundamentals supporting metal prices remain strong and eventually will help drive an industry turnaround, today more than ever, companies require strict cost management strategies and responsible investment in their growth plans.

PwC can help

It isn’t easy to tackle the challenges of today’s industry environment, especially when exploring or operating in various territories. To help you with your multi-disciplinary business priorities, wherever you are, the PwC Americas' Mining Centre of Excellence (CoE) offers an experienced team of professionals who are helping miners in the region with their changing business goals, including achieving:

  • Improved productivity and business performance through lasting cost savings
  • Secure financing by evaluating alternative sources of capital and connecting with foreign investors
  • Better control of business processes using expanded internal audit function, especially for capital projects
  • Minimized tax costs related to mining activities in various countries in the Americas
  • Standardized end-to-end business processes leveraging ERP systems to create operational efficiencies, greater transparency and better information to facilitate decision-making
  • Enhanced enterprise value through sound execution of transactions and integration of significant assets or organizations
  • Improved stakeholder relations strategies supported by independently verified reporting on Corporate Social Responsibility

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