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Customized audit, tax and advisory services to privately held businesses, private equity portfolio companies and their owners, US-subsidiaries of international companies, family-owned businesses, and high net worth individuals, families and family offices.

“Our teams, our training and our events are all focused solely on private companies and we see the business issues you face through your lens, not ours."

- Shawn Panson, US Private Company Services Leader


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Executives looking for guidance on how tax reform will potentially affect their business are turning to modeling to better identify trigger points and evaluate benefits.

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Private company services clients: who they are and how we help them. Hear from our leaders, Shawn Panson and David Zimmerman.


Private company view: Undaunted, but underprepared?

From the 20th CEO Survey

The world of this year's 20th CEO Survey is unrecognizable from 1997, when the survey was published the first time. Globalization has brought some benefits, but there are now serious questions about how evenly those benefits are being shared so we asked CEO how do they see the world and how confident are they about the future. Below is an overview of our findings from private company executives.

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The key issues


In such an unpredictable political and economic environment it’s no surprise that private company CEOs are wary of the immediate prospects for the global economy. But they are far more confident about the prospects for their own businesses, and for the first time in five years, private companies are more positive than public firms. How do they plan on achieving growth in these uncertain times?

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Technology is the biggest single opportunity - and risk - many businesses now face. The opportunity? To completely transform how they operate, what they sell, and how they communicate. And the risk? Not just the real financial and reputational cost of data breaches, but the risk of being left behind. New apps and cloud-based computing mean the investment required for technology is no longer a barrier for smaller and private companies. But are they giving this issue the urgent attention it needs?

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Talent and technology are converging as an increasing number of basic tasks are being taken on by machines. As a result, companies are focusing more and more on recruiting people with the ‘human touch’ - people with qualities like problem-solving, leadership, creativity, and emotional intelligence. Any company can struggle to find and keep the best, but it can be even harder for private companies. We offer some top tips on being an employer of choice in a digital age.

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One of our private company CEO respondents called trust the ‘most important thing a company has’. And he’s not wrong. When the CEO survey was first published, trust wasn’t a subject high on the list; this year, nearly 60% of CEOs see an erosion of public trust in the corporate sector as a serious threat to growth. Technology is part of the problem here, but can also be part of the answer for example, offering companies the chance to create competitive advantage from high standards of data security.

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