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Total tax cost… number of payments... compliance burden. How does your economy compare to others around the world?

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Paying Taxes 2014 is a unique study which investigates and compares tax regimes across 189 economies worldwide, ranking them according to the relative ease of paying taxes.

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Key themes and findings

How have business tax systems changed over the last nine years, in your economy and abroad? In what new ways are tax authorities levying taxes today? And what tax reforms are governments implementing around the world?

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Key themes and findings

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We’ve expanded our universe to 189 economies, and enriched our data set. Take a close look at our regional findings — and try out our powerful, new comparative modeller to create a customised, strategic view of the data against numerous themes and issues.

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The trends

It’s not enough to know where you’ve been. You also need to analyse where your burden of taxation may be heading. Have a look at the global trends over the past nine years for each of the sub-indicators, including the many types of taxation you face.

What do the trends indicate for the future of paying taxes?

The Trends

Overall ranking and underlying data

The rankings, the data, and everything else you need to know, at a glance and at your fingertips.

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Overall ranking and underlying data

About the report

The information provided by the Paying Taxes study can help inform the discussion around who needs to be taxed, how they will be taxed, and by how much.

About Paying Taxes 2014

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