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22 April 2015 Sign up for Seminar: Strategic Supply Chain Management
10 April 2015 Strategic Supply Chain Management website is now open (link to PwC Global page)
3 February 2015 The second edition of Strategic Supply Chain Management is now available in Japanese

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Breakthrough innovation and growth

The results of our survey of 1,757 executives couldn’t be clearer: innovation today is a key driver of organic growth for all companies—regardless of sector or geography. Meanwhile, innovation leaders are breaking away from their cohorts, expecting a revenue boost of a quarter-trillion US dollars over the next five years alone.

So what exactly are these innovation leaders doing differently? Explore the practices and lessons of innovators in our Global Innovation Survey.

Strategic Supply Chain

The book describes the latest principles and innovative practices that supply chain managers are following today – and demonstrates in detail how to balance the long-term strategic view with the need for short-term agility in coping with the inevitable disruptions that affect global organisations.

Pharma 2020: From vision to decision

In this report, we focus on how companies can reach 2020 in a position to benefit from more favourable conditions thereafter.

The pharmaceutical industry is at a critical juncture. The tools to develop remarkable new medicines are materialising, demand for its products is increasing and the barriers to free trade are falling. But pharma also faces major economic and operational challenges, if it’s to capitalise on these opportunities and create more value for healthcare payers, providers and patients.

100 Global Software Leaders

The software industry is in the midst of significant change as well-known trends — cloud, software-as-a-service (SaaS), mobile devices and consumerisation of IT — are significantly impacting how software vendors develop, market, sell, distribute and support their products. Here, PwC presents not just the leading software companies from key markets around the world but, more importantly, insights into where the industry is going shared by executives from companies such as Adobe, Red Hat, NetSuite, Hitachi, and AVEVA.