What makes us unique

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Not reports but results

What does it all mean to you—and what really matters? Ultimately, the only way to judge a consulting firm is on the meaningful and measurable results it achieves for your business. That’s where we shine. "Not Report but Results" is our motto. We help you break out of old paradigms, outdated processes, and confining assumptions to transform your business and achieve tangible results through our

deep industry knowledge, progressive know-how and strong commitment.

Many of our clients are recurring clients. We are trusted by clients and we believe that this trust results from our attitude to work towards results.

In fact, over the last decade, our engagements represent a total ROI of more than 200:1—representing over $300 billion in value creation for our clients.

Practical experience + strategic perspective

The Tokyo office specializes in:

Our industry and academic backgrounds, plus experience gained daily through our management consulting engagements in operations strategy, research and development, new product innovation, supply chain, and customer management enable us to add value from the first day of the project. The combination of extensive industry and functional experience and our consulting mindset provide us with the appropriate lens to capture a clear picture of your business.

With our specialized knowledge and practical experience we can apply uncommon ingenuity that addresses the challenges facing your company. For example, a supply chain issue may not be resolved solely by looking at the supply chain itself. Rather, the problem of supply chain can sometimes be originated at the product/ service design phase. In that case, if the products/services were not designed with the effort to simplify the supply chain, the problem of supply chain will not be solved. We see—and show you—how the issue of one department also affects other areas of your company: from purchasing raw materials and product design to customer service, organizational structure, and corporate accountability.


Rolling up the sleeves

It’s the quiet secret that most consulting firms don’t want to admit: All the flow charts, diagrams, schedules, matrices, methodologies, and frameworks in the world won’t move the needle one bit. It takes much more: a passionate commitment to roll up the sleeves and get actively involved alongside your team to implement your operational strategy.

Traditional management consultants look at the big picture and stop. We keep drilling right down to the details that make the difference between success and failure. Underpinning each and every one of our engagements is one simple, but powerful principle: The way you implement and execute your strategy creates the path to sustainable business advantage. This understanding, knowing

how to do what needs to be done, is in our consultants' DNA and infuses each of our engagements.

We work on site alongside your employees, helping you bring your business to entirely new levels of success.