Systems and Process Assurance

Risks, whether as hazard, uncertainty or opportunity, define the business environment. Accordingly, leading organisations worldwide no longer accept risk as a liability, but recognise that properly managed risk is a powerful asset that can bestow competitive advantage. Our approach to market recognises that our clients' organisations face issues that require tailored solutions, and we are in a unique position to be able to leverage risk expertise across the full spectrum of market risk:

Through our Systems and Process Assurance, we help our clients manage the totality of risks – strategic, financial, operational and systems – and thereby improve their business and financial performances. Our teams determine the critical risks that our clients face, develop recommendations for reducing our clients' exposure and identify their opportunities for growth and expansion. We turn our clients' risks into opportunities.

Our tailored solution set approach focuses on management assurance, operational effectiveness and e-business and security solutions.

Our Systems and Process Assurance Services include:

  • Operational Effectiveness Solutions
  • E-Business and Security Solutions
  • Technology Risk Services
  • Compliance Risk Management Services
  • Environmental Services
  • Sustainability Business Solutions
  • Internal Audit

Operational Effectiveness Solutions

Our Operational Effectiveness Solution Set addresses four fundamental needs, namely:

  • Reduce costs, primarily by improving supply chain management,
  • Increase revenues, primarily through improving service and customer understanding,
  • Improve efficiency and control over core operational processes, and
  • Manage major organisational change more effectively.

E-Business and Security Solutions

Our E-Business and Security Solutions team can help clients create a strategy for long-term success by building a layer of trust into their business. Security reliability, effectiveness and compliance are pillars of a mature, sustainable and profitable e-business.

Technology Risk Services

Our services include:

  • Electronic Commerce Services – which aim at ensuring that business integrity objectives of security, availability, reliability and scalability are achieved in electronic commerce activities.
  • Telecoms and Network Services – identification and management of business risks in the development and implementation of risk-optimised technology solutions to support business objectives and plans.
  • Resource Protection Services – provides cost effective and timely advice on information solutions.
  • Deployment Services (DS) – linking the use of technology to overall business goals and objectives.

Compliance Risk Management Services

The broadly defined levels of Compliance Risk Management include:

  • Corporate
  • Ethics and Integrity
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Global Compliance

Environmental Services

Key activities include:

  • helping clients to understand the environmental impact, risk and opportunities facing their organisations
  • defining client's strategic visions for environmental management and producing a programme that will transform the vision and strategies into processes that can implement change, and measuring the benefits achieved
  • supporting corporations in their efforts to comply with environmental health, safety, laws, regulators and corporate policies

Sustainable Business Solutions

Specific service offerings of our SBS are as follows:

  • Reputation Management – Identify, assess and manage reputation risk, whilst ensuring that the diverse interests and expectations of key stakeholders are considered
  • Business Ethics Management – Integrate high ethical standards into organisational systems and procedures and make it easier for employees to be ethical
  • Corporate Governance Advisory Services – Improve organisational governance procedures and performance and ensure compliance with global best practice
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Services – Develop cost-effective strategies for managing social and environmental issues
  • Sustainability Services – Develop indices for measuring and managing economic, social and environmental performance

Internal Audit Services

Our internal audit services provide solutions to companies seeking to strengthen their internal controls, risk monitoring and strategic risk management capabilities. These solutions range from strategic internal audit advisory services, designed to enhance the focus and value of an existing internal audit or risk management function; to partnership with, or full/strategic outsourcing of an existing internal audit function.

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