IFRS articles

IFRS newsletter - May 2015
Share based payments

IFRS newsletter - March 2014
Financial Instruments (Embedded derivatives)

IFRS newsletter - June 2014
Accounting and reporting by retirement benefit plans

IFRS newsletter - August 2014
Separate financial statements amendment – equity method in separate financial statements

IFRS newsletter - September 2014
Revenue from contracts with customers

IFRS newsletter - December 2013
New Accounting Developments effective for accounting periods commencing on / after 1 January 2013

Straight away - 19 July 2013
IASB issues discussion paper on Conceptual Framework

Straight away - 14 June 2013
EU introduce requirements to disclose payments to governments

Practical guide
A look at current financial reporting issues

Practical guide to IFRS
Combined and carve out financial statements

Understanding the similarities and differences between IFRS and Nigerian GAAP

Banking restructuring in Nigeria
The Nigerian financial system is currently undergoing review.