Trusts and Estates

Estate Planning  
Estate planning involves applying the law of property, trusts, wills, future interests, insurance and taxation to ensure an individual's affairs are in order - for his benefit and enjoyment, as well as that of his family, during his lifetime and after his death. The estate planning process should be aimed at:
  • ensuring the practical implementation of estate plans
  • minimising administration costs
  • taking cognisance of legislative changes, and
  • the protection of minors' inheritances.
PwC can assist individuals and your employees with:
  • identifying the estate planner’s needs
  • drafting the estate plan
  • consultation with regard to wills
  • formation of inter vivos or testamentary trusts
  • implementing the estate plan
  • administration of estates as executors or as agents of nominated executors, and
  • determining the liquidity of the estate.
Trust administration  
Trusts are used to secure investments as a complement to overall estate and financial planning.
PwC can:
  • advise individuals on the formation of trusts as well as the tax and legal consequences of such an arrangement
  • assist with the formation and registration of trusts
  • assist with the implementation of the objects of trusts
  • advise on the administrative requirements of trusts
  • deal with the day-to-day administration of trusts, including the preparation of annual accounts and tax returns
  • act as accountants or auditors of trusts, and
  • provide registered office facilities.