PwC's REMchannel

Launched in 2000, PwC's REMchannel provides quality, well validated information by both position and grade. Expansion into Zimbabwe, Botswana Kenya and Nigeria has commenced; Zimbabwe has been published and Botswana, Kenya and Nigeria publications planned for the last quarter of 2012.

PwC's REMchannel Namibia currently consists of 31 participants across broad industry sectors.

2012 Namibia Survey PwC's REMchannel (Internet-based)

Value proposition
REMchannel offers a unique value proposition and encompasses more than one survey for one survey fee and one data submission. Some of the value-added features are listed below:

  • Stringent validation of data
  • Job matching assistance
  • Grade-based survey (correlated to all major grading systems)
  • Job-based survey
  • General staff and executive staff survey
  • Industry specific survey (if comparator group is available)
  • Geographic analysis (if sample is available)
  • Race/gender/age analysis (if sample is available)
  • Internal and external equity measure
  • Selection of own package component analysis
  • Selection of quartile comparison
  • Automatic age correction of data
  • Interactive web-based selection ('what if' scenarios)
  • Reports can be copied/exported into Microsoft Office packages for presentation to the Remuneration Committee