Speak Up Presentation Skills

7 & 8 October 2014
PwC Namibia Business School Venue
1st Floor, PwC Offices, 344 Independence Avenue, Windhoek
N$ 5000.00 (excl. VAT) per participant.
Fees include study material and attendance certificate.
Fees exclude tea, coffee, snacks and lunch

Proof of payment to be mailed to liretha.jordaan@na.pwc.com
Target Audience:
This intermediate course will be relevant to anyone that needs to fine-tune their presentation skills with a fresh approach and lots of creative ideas on how to do so.


A unique, experiential and competency driven Presentation Skills Course. The program focuses on mastering the context of the presentation by understanding and reading the audience and using the appropriate presentation style.
There are three focus areas that come together under the guidance of an experienced coach to enable participants to prepare and deliver excellent presentations.

  • The presenter under the spotlight:
    • Understanding your style
    • Tap into your creativity
  • Structure your presentation
    • Six-step method
    • Content & Filters
  • The audience
    • Techniques to rea

By the 1 October 2014 with Liretha Jordaan at Tel: 061 284 1041
E-mail: liretha.jordaan@na.pwc.com